Monday, March 05, 2007


I MISSED SHINDIG !!!!! i fucking hate airports and i fucking hate the staff at the airports ! i was sitting here at the airport in stockholm for 4 hours and then they told me "we don´t have enough people in the control tower so we have a 2 hour extra delay" witch ment that i would miss my connection to newcastle with over 1 hour ! . and that was the last and only flight to newcastle that day ! , HOW CAN U RUN AN AIRPORT IF U DON´T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO OPERATE IT ??????????? FUCKING ASSHOLES !! .. sorry shindig i will make it up to u ! i as happy seb could make it there to rock your club ! ..

much love !

Stev Angello


Iammesol said...

That is the most wank excuse for airport delays I've EVER heard! Wow.

djnatalieanne said...

Hay steve im Natalie from Nottingham England. Want to say thankyou for influencing me with your music and mixing styles. Im at the stage where im starting to get regular gigs djing and im starting to promote myself.
It would make my year 2007 the best if you could say hi

giuzitcha said...

are you going to play at Skol Beats this year in Brazil?!
send notices about your gigs!!!