Monday, March 05, 2007

SIZE Birthday Bash at Ministry Of Sound ! and MORE

Hi Guys ! .sorry i haven´t been around for a while , i´v been really buzy in the studio lately so i haven´t spend enought time infront of the computer to write the blog .
The last weeks have been really fun and successful ! .

The Size Birthday bash was a huge success !!!!!! i had so much fun i almost wanna go back there every day to do it all over again !.

We had Henrik B Starting out and he did a great job , he played most of hes own productions and for those of u who knows hes work you know it´s off the hook ! the place went of from the opening and when we arrived we had a great floor waiting to go off ! . Me and Seb started out with Freakx Brothers "Tension" and then we played a NEW HOT SIZE Release from Roman Salzger named "Sincerely Yours" it´s one of those tracks that goes off everytime ! . I LOVE playing it i can see the dance floors all over the world explode when i drop this ! . we played 4-5 Hours so we did the usual and built up up up up and up and then we went down to be able to go up again :) i hope u get it ? . We had extra stuff set up all over the club and it looked great ! the cake was amazing and tasted as good as it looked ! thanks ministry for amazing birthday !! i had a blast !

Steve Angello


Iammesol said...

Siiiiiiiiiiick! Wish I coulda' been there Steve!

dance2mybeat said...

Fyfan va jag önskar att du kunde köra på nåt 18+ ställe i sthlm nångång! skulle va så extremt..lycka till med framtida spelningar!