Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MIAMI !!!!

HI Guys ! . i haven+t been around for a while i´v been stuck in the studio with remixes and productions , sorry for not beeing here !

Miami is coming up and it looks like it´s gonna be a really really really good week for those of your who will attend the WMC !

Allot of great partys and allot of Swedish House Mafia !

2 partys confirmed

Juicy on the thursday @ Nikki Beach and the Official Swedish House Mafia party @ INK !!


Anonymous said...

Rip Miami to pieces Steve!

Przemek said...

Please record the Mafia set and upload it to your blog or myspace. :D

Please release angello and laidnack luke - Be ,massive! :D

poopoolala said...

Yeah, please. I agree with that last chappie. The last/most recent set i found of yours (that was downloadable) was in Jan. ITCHIN for somethin new(ish) from you, coz i bloody love ya dont i! I saw you, Seb and Hendrik at M.O.S, Size 1st Birthday. Hendrik was cool but unfortunately, me and my crowd got booted out half an hour into yours and Sebs set (coz of my silly husband) - GUTTED. Anyway, will see you on 28th April at the Ministry. Keep on doin wot you do, you are 'the nuts'. Oh, forgot to say - You make me do a sex wee, in my panties!! Vicki xx

Isuru said...


Saw you on both occasions when you were in melbourne last year. You ripped it mate. cant wait for the release of 'It' and 'Be' Dunno how you keep on releasing such great tunes!!!

Could ya please ID this Track for, it was recorded when you and Seb played at Mischief melbourne.



holic86 said...

eyo Steve!

a BIG thanks to you for helping us get in on Ax's party last night! pls deliver a warm kiss for your blond girlfirend for the drinks :)

all in all it was one of the best partys in my life, hope you will also play a long set in the future here somwhere around hungary


keep up your 'minimal with balls'!! :P


Michael said...

Steve what you feel after creamfields in poland??It whas good party for SHM??I was there and in my opinion You ,Sebastian ,Axwell and Laidback rock the cream area!!It possible to repeat your performance in Poland ??

Thanks for 07.07.07.