Monday, January 08, 2007

Vacation !!

WOW i needed this !!!!!!!! ..
i´v been on vcation for a couple of days and i´m enjoying it so much i wish i had a lifetime vacation in the sun ! i´m still in cartagena and it´s really beautiful the way the "old town" is built , it´s like an old castle and they have built a small city inside , it feels like i´m back in the day when they lived here . It´s super exotic and different from any other place i have been to , the weather is great , the hotel is beautiful and the food is amazing . I´m just laying on the Roof -Top Pool all day and relaxing with my girlfriend . i´m off to Brazil the 10th for yet another tour and i´m really looking forward to it , after a couple of days off i really feel the need to play some records ! i´m loaded with new stuff and i´m ready to go :) . i´m Starting of the tour in Sao Paulo doing a club called "Disco" the 12th , then on the 13th i´m going to "Confraria" in Florianopolis , i´ll probably stay in Florianopolis for a couple of days by the coast to get some more sun :) after that i´m playing "Cozumel" in Belo Horizonte and finishing of at Privilege in Rio (Buzios) , after that i´m off home ! get some work in the studio and get my ass back on the european roads for some more gigs :) !!!

see u soon !

Steve Angello


Iammesol said...

Great Steve! It's nice to have a long period of relaxation every once in a while, especially when you're flying all the time. Enjoy it so we can enjoy a happy you! :-D

btw, I heard the track you did with Seb, Ax, and Luke today. I love it :-D

beachbum said...

hey steve!
been looking for a clear pic of your tatoo for a while, am trying to figure out what it is! want to tell me???? :-))

Steve Angello said...

witch one ? one the right arm i have my fathers birth date , on the left i have "deo spes mea" it means god is my hope , and on the chest a scorpio and on all over my back a big cross .. :)

Steve Angello

Fritte said...

När lirar du i Sverige nästa gång?

Steve Angello said...

JA vet inte exakt när vi spelar hemma men ja kollar upp det ..


Steve Angello said...

Åre måndag !