Friday, January 05, 2007

Summer Dance Festival - Colombia

Hi . Just Started the South American Tour !! I´m in Cartagena (Colombia) , The festival is really good the lineups are huge and the athmosphere is on top ! yesterday i played with José Nunez , Harry Romero & Roger Sanchez , the setup was huge and the place ware going off when i arrived there , Jose was rocking it and so did Harry , i opened up with Sander Van Doorn "Grasshopper"
after that Faithless "Insomnia"(the Rene Amesz Booty) and built my way up to "Teasing Mr.Charlie" and Buy Now "For Sale", one of the BIGGEST tracks must have been a new track i just did with Sebastian and Luke , it´s Called "It" . HUGE !!!!!!
Roger came on after me and did a great job , he played a bit more clubby/big room then what he usualy does and it was rocking , until the polise came and shut down the festival , to bad cause the place was rocking .

i´m well prepared now for Brazil , i will let u all know how it goes ! ..

Steve Angello


Strangelove said...

I wish you all the success in the world. You are one of the most genuine people I know. Tear them up, like I know you will. Veritgo in San Jose, Costa Rica is a blast.

I miss ya and can't wait for you to come back to Minneapolis.

Iammesol said...

Ugh! Sucks about the police... parties now get such bad reputations :-( Hope to hear It soon! If it's a collaboration between the three of you it most certainly must be banging!

MoRanGo said...

Jose Nunes and Harry Romero... only was missing Eric Morillo ;) to have all the crew of Metallica is dancin' bootleg :P
"Teasing Mr.Charlie" and Buy Now "For Sale", taht's no surprise... are essencial tracks :)

Wellcome to 2oo7 :) have a big year, even bigger than 2oo6 was.

Fritte said...

När lirar du i Sverige nästa gång??

daniel chala said...

thank you so much steve, you're a great dj in cartagena you play terrific, like in everywhere. i hope that you come back to medellin this year.