Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hi ! Just Arrived to Brazil the weather is great , i´m in one of my favorite citys of the world Sao Paulo !!! . the athmosphere here is just to good to be true! u can feel the whole city just pumping on adrenaline and it´s ready to go off any second ! i´m looking forward to the gig tomorrow !!!!!!!!!

Steve Angello


Melissa said...

What a chance!!!...:)

Me i'm in's raining... and i'm working for my exam of tomorrow!...I need holidays !!!

giuzitcha said...

Hi Steve!!!!
Will be so good to see you playing here in São Paulo tomorrow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vad tror du det kommer bli för typ av house musik som kommer slå iår steve? typ som electron blev förra året

Sr_Pirata said...

when to barcelonaaa??? wheeen?? wow steve... i really love your work! nowadays, i'm sure that u, dj dlg and axwell are the best producers all over the world. keep it on! take care!