Monday, January 22, 2007

Brazil Again !

HI Guys . i haven´t written anything for a while . sorry for that , i just been enjoying myself so much so i haven´t spent time in front of the computer at all ! .
Brazil´s been great , i love this place so much i could consider living here !.
i spent most time on a island Called Florianapolis just an hour outside the main land . one gig have been better then the other and i´m really really happy with the whole tour ! . Sao Paulo was the first stop in brazil and the club was called Disco , a high society venue with rich & important people , the vibe was a bit stiff at the start but after a while i got them grooving to the music and the party was on !! i had a great time and met allot of good people ! Second stop was Florianapolis and the PARTY WAS AMAZING !!!! i arrived there about 1000 people and the place was on fire ! everyone was up for a loooong party and so was i !! So after 5 hours it was time to get back to the hotel so i could enjoy my holiday !
i stayed at a place called "Costao Do Santinho" , one of the most beautiful places i´v been and me and my girlfriend a had one of the best vacations ever ! i didnt do anything just eat , got loads of sun and had amazing sleeping hours ! if u ever have the chance to go there don´t even think about it more then a second ! u have to go !!! .. i´ll tell u about te other gigs tomorrow ! time to sleeeeeep

Steve Angello


baborbond said...

Hi Steve :)

It's really amazing to read about your DJ-life and facts about different locations in the world!

What tip do you have for a youngster aiming for success in the DJ/Producer world?

Hare bra, du är bäst mannen :D

Iammesol said...

lol... wow... it's great to see you so happy Steve. Keep havin' fun. It'll show :-)

FabioMaster said...


Thank you for Coming to Rio and giving one of the best nights of my entire life at Privilege in Buzios. The crowd was not so good, but the vibe you brought when working those decks.... Oh Man, OW MAN!

Some people I know that went on the same night had the very same experience I had. THANK YOU and PLEASE COME BACK! We Absolutly LOVED having you HERE! Cheers! =)

Steve Angello said...

i´m happy your all enjoying the gigs and the blog !

much appreciated !

Steve Angello