Friday, December 08, 2006


So i dont know really what to write about , but i´ll try and explain as good as possible how they went down , i will give u a short review of each gig .

ok ..

Aukland (Gig One )

the gig was held in this venue called St:James Theatre , it was sold out and the place was pumping when we got there ! we got on the dex and started to do what we do :) . acapellas and straight to the hands-in-the-air party mode , the place went of ! . the funny thing was that during the whole night there ware these people who constantly came up on stage dancing next to us and some of them even came next to us by the dex and looked at us like we ware aliens :) . there was a moment when we dropped the insomnia booty by René Amesz and the whooooole place went crazy ! That mix is so good it tears the roof of everytime I play it! As u all know my "Sweet Dreams" mix & "Teasing Mr.Charlie" still does the trick also another track that’s rocking at the moment is the Sebastian Ingrosso mix of Eric Prydz "Proper Education" Seb did an amazing job on that one and it took my focus of the original totally ! . he´s mix is proper swedish headbangingasskickingmurderhouse ! and i fucking love it !!!!

after awhile i noticed that everyone was popping these pills called "Partypills" it´s a legal form of Extacy but they have there legal once and anyone can get them on 7-Eleven or food stores i think it´s really crazy but if it´s better then drugs and everyone does that instead big up ! .

i slept 2 hours and off we went to sydney it was time for Harborlife !

Harborlife (Gig Two)

we´ll i was totally destroyed ! i arrive there and see a festival area next to the skyline of sydney totally mad ! people ware partying there asses of ! . and it was really beutiful to see the sunset next to a area full of people hardcore partying ! i felt like i was back in ibiza ! and i love that feeling ! . Derric Carter opened up for us and did a good job it was jacking-ghetto house and people enjoyed it .

and the time was in we went on and opened up with an acapella and seb started with the proper education dub mix. it´s a really good mix cause it has no vocals from the original so I could still hear Seb´s mix in the same set :) .

the party went off and we did our thing , the party was really good and the vibe was fantastic ! it´s one of those gigs u just wanna do over and over and over and over again ! big tracks that day ware the same as the night before.

So off we went after the gig we only had one hour to get to the airport! next up Melbourne and Mischief!

Mischief! (Gig Three)

We arrived in Melbourne and I hit the bed straight away I only slept two hours before I did Sydney so I had to take a nap before I did Melbourne which was a double up gig (two on the same day) .

I woke up felt even more tired then I did before, I slept but I was ready to go for it! So we jumped in the car, my man Derek from Melbourne was there to get us to the venue, we drove in to a parking house and when we drove in there I could see the back of a stage and a ongoing RAVE and I mean RAVE as in 90´s RAVE !!! it was absolutely amazing the place ware going nuts to Sander Kleinenberg who did a good job as usual!

We started playing and started a bit more minimal then we did the past two gigs , the rave vibe gave us a fresh wind and off we went ! rave rave rave rave rave rave rave !!!!!!! tracks we love got hammered and people loved it!

it was a really successful second gig in one day! .. tracks like Teasing mr.charlie , Click and Buy Now did an amazing job as always! the place went bananas !! off we went to the hotel and I was TIIIIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEEEED !!!

I fell a sleep in about 2 seconds.

Perth (Gig Four)

We arrived in Perth and we could we could see the beach side the whole way to the hotel! It was really nice to know that we had time to hit the beach so we did !!

we got back from the beach and slept as usual when it was time for the gig i was really pumped up since i was rested but that energy dropped more and more for every tequila shot i had and in the end of the gig we were so drunk we had a rugby match with some fans outside the club! it was so funny! I did 2 touchdowns believe it or not :) i could not even walk straight but i played rugby , smart huh .. i woke up with a sore leg and felt like i was reborn I had a HANGOVER !! and I washed it off in the hotel pool the second I woke up !!

It was now time for the 5days vacation in Sydney!!!!!!

Sydney (Gig Five)

We had a fantastic time in Sydney and me spent some quality time with my girlfriend and just relaxed as much as possible! I went to the beach and had a swim by some rocks and let me tell u about that, I tried to get in to the water first but it was sooooo cold I freezed but finally I jumped in it was really refreshing and nice but to cold to stay in! I was going up and this wave came and threw me like 15 meters it was so strong I didn’t stand a chance! I was a little hurt but it allot of fun at the same time! When u does something like that u realize how powerful the water is!!

Time to WORK! We arrived at TANK, a really trendy high fashion and popular nightclub in the heart of Sydney and in the same building as the hotel (nice)! The place was jumping! It was one of the smaller gigs but the vibe was fantastic! Small dj-booth, hot and really sexy club! Just what I want!! good sound and good clubbers! the place was sold out and ready to explode!! we went all in :) we played Minimal , electro , acid , and some oldschool tunes and they loved it !

Brisbane (Gig Six)

Well, final gig of the tour, a bit sad to end it but we had to! the weather was amazing and it felt like our last summer, we got to a really nice venue, with a really really cool dj-booth ! we did a really minimal / melodic beginning and went more “swedishhandsintheair” in the middle and ended with minimal and melodic which is exactly what I love! We were tired and fucked up after the tour so we had to finish. Tracks like Smash TV "air" and Sasha Funke – “Days go by” made my night, I just love those tunes so much!

ok boys and gals that’s it from the Australian tour ... I’m new to this, so the writing is a little wobbly, sorry but I’m just writing what I think the second I type it ...

big up to Brett @ Future Entertainment for the tour it was amazing !!!

/ Steve Angello


Bennie said...

when you come on hungary?
sorry for the faults of spelling

Steve Angello said...

hi .. i´m not sure yet i can´t see anything in the calendar now so i guess maybe late next year . hopefully ..

Steve Angello

Bennie said...

OK thx
i can wait

Don Bedeker said...


when do you come to holland(city leeuwarden)because i can't get my parents so far they bring me to amsterdam:P. i am a Very big fan of your music:) the swedish house maffia Rocks.

Don Bedeker

Kenneth said...

Steve! I´m glad to see the blog is up and running. Your blog will soon become the most popular DJ-blog on the net if you keep it up!

Remember the most important thing about blogging is to write often. You don´t have to write long posts every time as long as you write often. Short posts are sometimes better. Because it´s easyer to read and much easier for you to write.

Keep up the good work and see you @ grodan on the 14th.

holic said...

You're right Bennie!
We need him and Seb next year here in Hungary!!

@ Steve: is there any plan to release a Buy Now artist album?


all the best,

rain said...

Thanks for writing this up!

Yeah, when will «for sale» be released on "La Mode"?
We need it badly ;)

Iammesol said...

For Sale has been released rain, just without the new remixes.

Thanks for writing Steve! It's good to get some personal aspect of the guy we all love to listen to! Glad you had fun and keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

I went to see you guys at Tank in Sydney, shit you guys are good. Thanks for a grazzzy gig and the best night ever.

Jen from Swe

Jimmy120 said...

Hey Steve
i was at your Brisbane set at Family, it was sensational, my mates and i were there the whole set and at the end the 3 of us got a photo with you and Seb, thanks heaps for the set and the memories

love your work, keep it up!