Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Finally !!

I´m Finally up and running after a two week tour in Australia ! .
i had six amazing gigs with my partner in crime Sebastian Ingrosso ,
we did Auckland , Sydney , Melbourne , Perth Sydney again and then ended of the tour with Brisbane ! . after beeing there i have to say that the clubbers over there loves to party ! we had a full house every gig and all the arenas ware amazing !! ..

the JETLAG through is another peoblem i´m still getting up four in the morning and wondering ware i´m at ! it´s weird days go by and u feel like shit . but in the end of the day it was all worth it ! ..

i´m gonna go more in to details with my mothly add to the blog , i will keep u informed of everything that goes on day by day (if i get time to write) and go more deep ! ..

thats it for tonight i have to sleep ! ..

/ Steve Angello

1 comment:

MoRanGo said...

when we can hear it those gigs? you'll will put it online?
like to hear your new dancefloor filler "weapons" ;)