Sunday, December 10, 2006


I woke up 5 o´clock friday morning , my girlfriend had to kick me out of bed to get my ass to the airport , i came there and check in as usual . on travel days i just go on autopilot . i must have done everything a million time´s by now. it´s still as boring as the days before and the days to come ! .
i get on the flight to vienna and tried to sleep but there was a man next to my that really had to have a conversation , i can´t blame him i mean it´s not that fun always flying around alone and have no one to speak to . so we had a quick chat before i hit sleep mode ,
i woke up and realized that i was still in the air but i was one hour delayed so i was about to miss my connection flight to russia .. fuck !!!!

When i arrive to vienna my flight had already left ! . i was in big shit . i called my agent first thing and she started to look for options straight away cause i knew it was a hard town to get to , i was going to rostov and i had noooo clue ware that town was located . i have never heard of it , neither had non of my friends .

In the end of the day we had to cancel the show cause Austrian Airlines that i was booked on couldn't give me a replacement flight to get there in time . so i never got there ! boring as hell ! i hate those things in life , when u want something and u cant have it . i wanted the gig but i didn't stand a chance so fuck it . but i will do a replacement show there soon !!

I stayed at my PA´s house in vienna we had some lunch and relaxed , they put on a movie and i fell asleep in the sofa before the movie even started ! . ha ha ..
i woke up around 5.30 to catch my flight to Kaliningrad ware i have the second show of the weekend . and now I'm just on the airplane writing this .. i will arrive in one hour and can´t wait to get out of here ! I'm hungry as hell and the flight food is shit , it´s probably one of those things i wont learn to eat , airplane food ! it stinks !!

tonight's gig should be good ! I'm double hyped now since i missed the first one , And best of all it´s only one hour from home ! so sunday morning I'm off home !!

i will tell u all about the gig when i get back to stockholm ! .

enjoy the weekend !

/ Steve Angello


Iammesol said...

Gah! Hooray for public transportation... lol Glad you had somebody to chill with in Vienna though. It could've been worse! Hope the gig goes well tonight and have fun going home. Get some sleep Steve!

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MoRanGo said...

Nice pics!!! :) Party On!!!

Who's that guy on the drums?

Steve Angello said...

the guy on the drums is Chad Smith the drummer drom Red Hot Chilli Pepers :)

HFB said...

So Steve will you come to Moscow??