Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hi Guys !

HI Guys ! Finally back from Brazil ! i have to say it´s one of the most beautiful places in the worls , i love it everytime i put my feet on the ground , it´s one of those places i miss when i get back home , the food , the ulture , the people , the clubs , the whole country , and i got good new today that i´ll be going there again in January , so i´m a happy DJ today :) ..

i´m off to dubai tomorrow morning with Seb, we are gonna play at Trilogy so i´m excited about that !! we have two days off work so we are just gonna spend some time in the sun and relax , if i have time i will even play some tennis , and probably kill myself afterwords cause my legs are gonna be hurting ALLOT !!! it´s raining , snowing it´s dark and boring here at home so i really need to get some sun !!

i´ll keep u updated !

if u have any questions about anything please don´t hesitate to drop me a line

enjoy the week !!

Steve Angello


Anthony said...

Yo man!

I heard a new stuff from you, you were making in the TV show "In studio with steve angello" ...

Here this is a link of you dropping it ... ... SO MASSIVE!!!!! :D

then, it really sounds as the 1st BUY NOW (for sale) ... Could you give some infos about this stuff??!! title?label?? (maybe release date ... :D)

have a great party with seb!!

see ya

Danny Barajas said...

answer your myspace! hehe :) is just as bad here in san diego, very cold & gloomy.. have fun..peace!

Bennie said...

Hi Steve

In the next year, Do you come in Hungary? Because Eric and Axwell were here and if you perhaps with Seb would come in hungyary then it would be very amazing

i think:D:D:D
sorry for my english:$

fuTuReFReaKs said...
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fuTuReFReaKs said...

Hey whats up steve, Im not sure if you will remember me... think back to May 25th of this year. You played @ voodoo in letterkenny, N'Ireland. Im the guy that had the sweden top and got you to sign it for me. Its currently, framed, on my wall.

Glad you had a good time in brazil.

PLEASE come to N'Ireland soon and bring the rest of the mafia with you.


TNM said...

one question - when are the Swedish House Mafia going to play at the Ministry of Sound in London???

Christoffer_Malm said...

Aaah !
Tricky is realy AMAZING man! Cant wait to get my hands on this one as usual.

Gudligt gjort Steve!

ozzy said...

Hi Steve, can you confirm that you are performing in belgrade on saturday cos its not on ur myspace. Hope its true,would be fckin great!;)

alexstyle said...

man whats up with your mixing in that video of u playing tricky!? u were jus walking around the dj booth during the set lol!

BuddhAbuser said...

I must say that your production skills touch on the God-Like. PLEASE drop Body Crash. It is possibly the best house song I have heard in years! Anyways, keep doing what you are doing...and if at all possible post up about some production techniques that you use. Lord knows I've watched your videos about Making a Track from Scratch and Arranging millions of times, but I want more S.A. Tips!

Christoffer_Malm said...

Yeah just like buddhabuser said. Or a podcaster like size tv or something would`t be wrong!

Steve Angello said...

hi guys ! i will have allot of material for the new SIZE site ! and allot of videos :)

ozzy said...

Steve, please drop 555 and body crash tomorrow :)))) do you know when does your set start? Anywayz, see you there!

Bröderna said...

tar det på svenska för att göra det enkelt. Hörde att du kommer upp å gästar måndagsklubben i vinter. fan va jävla sjukt kul alltså! har det sagts ngt datum? ska slita med mig hela norrland dit iaf. big up