Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brazil !.

HI Guys ! Sorry i haven´t been the best blogger in the world lately ! but it´s just cause i´v been so busy keeping up with work i haven´t had any time at all writing down thoughts or what i´v been up to .

I´m in Brazil at the moment doing three gigs here , first one is tonight and it´s a Pre-Party to the RIO Creamfields Festival on Saturday , the second one is tomorrow and it´s Creamfields in Belo Horizonte ! witch will be Amazing , it´s ME , Sharam (Deep Dish) , Benny Benassi and some more guys , so it will be fun , third one is a club outside of Sao Paulo called ANZU Club , witch i heard is really really good ! so i´l def looking forward to that !! , Three days of Sun & Fun in Brazil when the weather is shit back home is exactly what i neeeed !!!

Production´s been going really well ! . i might have an album ready for miami in march , and the buy now album is coming along pretty well , allot of stuff we have been doing can´t even be heard out cause allot of people rip everything we do so we are trying to keep it on a down low , until release !

Steve Angello "Trix" just got in to Beatport , the vinyl release was shit cause the distribution i used AMATO/UNIQUE fucked up the release and sent around to much white labels , and then they closed down the office , they went Bankrupt , so SIZE will continue to release vinyls soon on another distribution , i´ll let u know later when papers are done ... soo fuck AMATO they fucked up the release for me ! but it´s out on Digital now , so if u wanna buy it hit the Beatport store .

anyways life is pretty good at the moment except for the record business , allot of work , allot of fun and allot of partying !

i might see u soon ! , i´ll start writing on the blog more !!


Steve Angello


Julian said...

hey steve. thats way better.. just keep your killer tunes for yourself until they get released. im sick of these fake rips too.. i just saw a rip of your track "single" being released on a white label ( i think its a rip from your mix-cd right?..) anyway if your tracks aint out for promotion too long they also won't get less interesting until the release !!!

keep up the good work , loove your music :)peace

Vicki said...

Hey you, Mr Angello!! I know youve been busy but Im missing you on Facebook :o(
Actually, missing you @ Ministry too. My daughter said you answered one of her emails on My Space!! well, you made her day - shes a fan of yours too, y'see - you appeal to everybody, from young to old (not that Im old!!)
Anyway, lookin good in that Pacha flyer - do you have any plans to play @ Pacha, Vilnius? The opening night is tonight!! I will check out the club in March, when i go to Lithuania, yipee!! Take care Steve x

Vicki said...

Oh yeh, by the way, i did wish you happy birthday - on your face book account, was it a good'un? x

DebyonthemiXx said...

Hi STEvE!!!!

i HOpe You HaVE FuN in BRaSil! DriiNk a CaipiRinHA FOr ME!!!! :)
i SeNd U AN eMaIl On YOUR MY SPAce aBout ZuRiiCH pLEAz anSwERr meEe!!:):p
LoT Of KisSSseSsSss FrOM PaRIs (l)(k)

Dogo said...

hehe helrör fick en ny innebörd senast brush!

Live the dream...

keep it mode'd up

Roberta said...

Hiiiiii My Dear
I loved meet you here in Brasil.
I´m so sorry to didn´t go to after parte with you after Nuth
But I get a lot of pictures of yous, if you want, just tell me
Obs: I went in creamfields but I din´t see you, sad, many I came late or I was in the wong place, full kkkkkkkk
Many Kisses
Roberta Bolognesi