Friday, September 28, 2007

Steve Angello @ AIR - Seoul / South Korea

Hi Guys ! . i´m in the hotel right now just doing e-mails and burning cd´s , i´m in Seoul in South Korea , and i´m jetlaged as fuck ! it´s 15.00 and i´m feeling like it´s 7 in the morning , i slept like a baby on the plane and i´m well rested and ready to rock this place !! . if you are around let me know , and i´ll put you on the guest list , unless it´s 100´s of you ! ..

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Off to Tokyo tomorrow , one of my favorite citys and clubs in the world ! the culture , food , fashion and shopping is amazing so i´m looking forward to that ! the club is called AGEHA and is probably one of the most amazing clubs in the world . Check it out!

enjoy the weekend and i´ll post some pictures from tonight as soon as i get up from the party ! ..

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Ji hoon said...

Welcome to Korea!!!!
I will go see you tonight.
I almost got tired of waiting for you.^^
Make me CRAZY!!