Wednesday, September 26, 2007



GT said...

Hey Steve when are you gonna release your record with Laidback Luke - Be?
I just saw a video of it on youtube

Fuck the vocals are AMAZING!

DebyonthemiXx said...

Hii StevE!!!
are u @MOS on friday and saturday??
Because i'm going to london and on saturday i'm shooting for tillate :p
See u.. kIsS

Julian said...

hey "gt" be is just released since a few days on white label.. many online stores sell it but its a white-label release and only vinyl.. i think this will get a bigger release in digital and with some remixes..biiig tune!

Guelli said...

crazy night... ;)

GT said...

Hey Julian
Thanks for the info.

Steve make sure you and Seb drop 'Be' at Summadayze in Melbourne, Australia on 1/1/08.

Thanks Steve you rock!!!

Cya you at summadayze!!