Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Vicki said...

Hello Mr Angello. I love that cover for the 'Sizeism' album - its unusual, im sure you're proud of it, i would be :) I see/hear you every time you play @ Ministry, London - you leave me amazed EVERY time. I braved it 30/6/07 and battled through the crazy crowd, right to where you were - you look just as good as you play, which is 'THE NUTS!' If i could afford it, I'd be following you around the globe, to your every event (not that i'm a mad stalker!), I just cant get enough of you :D Anyway, stay cool. From Vicki xxxx

Vicki said...

Steve. You said you would tell your people about Ibiza - you haven't :( No doubt you are busy, producing and delivering!! I met a man @ Wildchild 2007 (at the stage/decks set-up)on 30/06, he told me he was resident DJ @ Ministry. He also told me you were held up in Ibiza that night and you DEFINATELY wouldnt make it back to do your 7 hour set @ Ministry. Me and my man nearly didnt go M.O.S that night. We chanced it and 'thank f**k, there you were, at midnight. Can you tell me (out of curiousity) was there any truth in what this DJ told me? From Vicki (again) xx

Philip Jensen said...


Maybe it has something to do with that :)

Vicki said...

Oh dear, well I feel kinda sheepish now - oops! I actually didnt believe this man at all - he musta been the resident @ ministry, like he said :/ He clearly believed himself, that 'God' wasnt gonna make it back from Ibiza. Anyway, thanx Philip Jensen, for that info :)

FHD Records said...

Size records,

Is there any way to send you couple of records, i tried sizerec website, but there wasnt any reply.

Steve Angello said...

u can send me demos on promo@sizerecords.com


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, you played some remix on Hard-FI - Suburban Knights on saturday 21st in Gothenburg. Do you have any information on the remixer and some possible release date? It was OUTRAGEOUS!!

Dogo said...

Yo, va heter låten du kör in här, du lira den på grodans avslutningsfest oxå, vilken jävla mode !!!

(sänk, mycke kackit ljud på filmen)


Steve Angello said...

MArtin it´s "Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix" of Hard-fi´s Suburban Knights

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for letting me know Steve, I'm really looking forward for a release of it! Keep on the good work!

Frederik said...

Hi Steve,

This might be an odd question but i can't figure out this track that you played a while ago, and it is bugging so bad.

It was at Cesar Palace - Soiree 12/05-07

And the lyrics goes something like this...
"Electro love, Electro drum, Electro sex, Electro cum, Electro love, Electro drum, Electro sex, Electro cum, Electro heat, Electro suck, Electro beats, Electro fuck......." and so on
Please help me it is such a cool mix.

By the way you are ultimate the best DJ in the world!
I hope you will answer my question?

Regards, Fred

Steve Angello said...

HI man !. it´s a track from Roman Salzger . called "sincerely yours" it was an edit i´v made for djing . it´s a good track ! . gonna be released on Joia Records


Boris said...

He Steve,
Do you have any information yet about your remix of Hard Fi - Suburban Knights? Massive track! You two did an amazing job on it! But will it be released sometime?Couldn't find anything about it so far.
Kind regards!