Thursday, July 12, 2007

another gig in sweden 21st of july

check it out :


jay said...

Yo, Steve,. :) What up my nizzle! Working on the Sansation remix, and hope it goes to the finals. I love the samples!

When are you going to release BE, if ever? I have been waiting for months for it to be released (No pun Intended).

Also, what it is with the AMG Bitch remix? Kinda off your usual path, but has yours and Luke's sound.

Hope you are doing well and things are good.

anto said...

Hmm... First off I think they cleared the vocals in "BE" so it could get released, Luke also stated that it would maybe get released on his own label "MIXMASH", date is unknown yet.

And about the luke & steve - bitch going around internet for 2 years now, Luke also stated its not their track, its some dutch man´s track!

Hope you got it cleared!

jay said...

Good to hear about BE. When I talked to Steve about it he said it would be soon and that was in April.

Yeah, the AMG Bitch track isn't really what I would expect from Steve and Luke. Their production is always on the forward thinking tip. I just thought it was something they threw together screwing around in the studio.

Thanks for the info.

Hey, Steve. I talked to Amy about October. Can't wait for you to rock it out again.

I hope everything was amazing for you this last weekend. Talk soon.

Line said...

Tack för en grym kväll i Götet!

Steve Angello said...

tack själv !