Saturday, May 19, 2007

Studio ! .

Hi Guys !! I´m really excited this week ! . me and sebastian just bought a new studio and after a month it´s finally up and running !!! . it´s massive everything we would ever want to do in our lifes around music can be done there :) . i will post some pix when i get some time over after the weekend !! . i am on my way to porto now in portugal to do a gig and i´m back tomorrow night ! .

Steve Angello


marloo said... go to the skyblog there are pix of the party in cesar palace kiss laura and marlene and fiona

Anonymous said...

Niiiiiiiice! Hope the work you do inside of it brings ya' good fortune :-D

Onlyvip said...

Great !!! I hope you will make beautiful sounds like "Be" , "Drop It"...

Good Luck to you !!!

Jon H said...


can you let us know about some of the equipment that you bought for the studio? I'd be very interested to see what you use to produce your stuff.

Also, have you heard Thomas Gold's remix of Just Jack's "Writers Block"? I think Thomas was listening to your mix of Raining Again before he produced it!!!

Try have a listen and see if you know what I mean!!!


alex said...

that sounds awesome