Sunday, May 20, 2007


HI Guys ! on my way home ! had a really good time yesterday it was a beautiful club !
there ware no flights available so i have to do : porto - lisbon - madrid - stockholm ... so i´m gonna be home at 00.20 wich is crazy ! 12 h of travelling . thats insane ! i have my first day in the new studio tomorrow so i don´t really care as long as i can get home !!

i can also let u all know i´m working on an album ! . it sounds really good ! i will let u know what happends as soon as i got some more material together .

Steve Angello


Anonymous said...

Great to hear Steve! Hope that day of flying isn't too rough :-)

Onlyvip said...

Have a good travel lol :) 12h on 4 airport oh my god you will be crazy when you arrive at Stockholm :D

Have Fun good to hear you

Julian said...

nicce...what album? the buy now album with sebastian or a solo one?? i remember sebastian talking about a buynow album about a year ago.

Anonymous said...

hi steve from medellin colombia i hope see u soon around here and dance with ur mixes
.see ya

tolis said...

Hey Steve hope u are having a great time over there. Cant wait to hear some new work from you new studio..:)