Sunday, February 18, 2007


HI Guys ! . just sitting here at the airport in frankfurt waiting for my flight back home ! .
i have an exciting week in front of me ! allot of studio and work around a compilation i´m planing later this year , i will bring out something exciting for the people who buys it with allot of extra features and bonus material only available for those who buy it :) .
i will let u know when it´s in the making and i will also let u know tracklistings and so on ! .

next week i´ll have my 1 year birthday for SIZE @ Ministry Of Sound , i will be having Henrik B & Sebastian Ingrosso as my Special Guests ! this night will be something really special ! i will have allot of new things in te venue and allot of special FX !!!
if you can´t make it i´ll make sure i´ll add the video clip of the party online , we have a camera team there that will capture the whole happening , so u wont miss a thing , except for the feeling and the real-life experience ! sooo if u can make sure u come down for the night cause it will be the biggest size night ever !!!!!!!!

Henrik will start off the whole thing and me and Seb will do a back 2 back set from 3 - ?
it´s gonna be a looooooong and hoooooooot night !! don´t miss out !

Steve Angello


Iammesol said...

Good luck Steve! Thanks for the video support!

arthurwoo said...

Steve, are you going to be playing at WMC this year? If so, let me know some of the dates/event names!

Isuru said...

Around when is this compilation out?? I cant wait!!!!!!!!