Saturday, February 17, 2007


I had a blast yesterday ! i loved the club , and all the people who worked there .
A Really nice crew of people and a super nice night club , it´s always fun when u can come to some places and just play whatever u feel like playing and people are up for it , thats the way it should be !

tracks like : Phunk (s.a mix) and click , buy now , and also some more minimal things rocked the place ! when i say minimal i don´t mean "miiiiiiiinnnnniiiiiimal" , i play minimal with balls :) more energy !

in general a realy good gig ! the only fucked up thing is that i have to sit here at paris airport for 3 hours to catch the flight to turino . but tonight should be really good so i wont complain ! i just did but anyways ignore it :) ..

Steve Angello


rain said...

I wanna see you playing « minimal with balls » hahahah ;)

I heard you'd come @ Cesar in Lyon,later in april/may as you canceled your last gig, they told us you were sick. Do you actually know when you'll be playing there? Axwell & Prydz are coming too, can't wait to see you all.

Steve Angello said...

playing minimal with balls is fun !! . i canceled cause i was sick and stuck in barcelona . i have had allot of problems with alsers witch is cause of the stress and lack of sleep and bad food habits . but i´m good now so we are re schedualing some gigs i haven´t been able to do ! .

but i´ll be there soon !!


vladimir fv said...

it is always nice reading your blog, you swedish house king :) i miss also your old style, more melodic (disco house) tracks. :) glad to see you had fun in bulgaria.

KeVin said...