Monday, April 07, 2008


HI Guys ! havent had any time at al to write the blog , i´m sorry about that !
i´m still on tour and will be for another week so as soon as i get my tour out of the way i can get back to all of you guys about miami and so on !



Adrien Lotfipour said...


You and Seb killed it on Friday night in Vancouver. I had a blast! Fuck man you two are awesome together! Do come back soon!

Tomas said...

...and u guys killed it again Saturday in Hollywood at Avalon! +5hrs and not stopping until they shut you guys down around 7AM!

Great set. Was way cool to hang with you guys briefly on stage as well.

Ska forsoka att komma i vag till ibiza i sommar. Da lar det ju bli Pacha den kvall ni ar dar.

Ha de

George said...

Steve, you and Seb killed it in Toronto @ The Fuvernment. Especially when you dropped Pjanooo, the whole crowd went mental
:D wanna see you here soon again

Michael said...

Hi steve.
Have you or sb from SHM any events (creamfields) in Poand in August??