Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hi Guys !!

I just recovered from Australia ! i´m back home in the studio and doing some new tracks , it´s har to get in to the studio after massive tours , it takes time to get the studio vibe going , and then when you get it working you have to jet off to gigs , so to keep the workflow going i start ideas in the studio and bring them with me on the road , it´s the only way i can get stuff done !!
We have a whole line of releases coming in the next couple of months and we´ll have a remix competition as well for a new SIZE release , i´ll let you all know when it´s time !

i have to say there´s allot of good music out there at the moment, so i have been burning a new CD case for the upcoming gigs with brand new music . if anyone can give me a tip of the best cd writable printer it would be much appreciated !! i need to mark those cd´s and can´t be bothers with crap printers and stickers .....

if anyone have some questions you need answered i would love to answer them for you ! so just post some questions and i´ll select a few and answer them !!

thanks guys ! i´ll drop you a line before i´m off to brazil on monday !!

enjoy your weekend !!

Steve Angello


Stephen Payne said...

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to say congratulations on the tour, i managed to see clips on YouTube of you and Seb dropping "Be" in Melbourn...Nothing short of magic!

I sourced out a site for the Cd writable printing

If it's cool can i ask how you organise your case, i use CDs too and have a constant battle how to brn print and organise so any tips or advice would be good.

Tomas said...

dang! you guys were tearing it up in Melbourne!

Got a question: Do you guys share track list with the other DJ's at an event...seems like most times DJ's don't play the same stuff? Allthough I have seen it happen... But not often. (Not you guys, but other DJ's... Tiesto is one... hehe)


vlado said...

Do you have plans to come back to Bulgaria this year?

sadelb said...

Hello Steve, I was wondering if you have any dates confirmed for the WMC yet? Looking forward to hearing you down in Miami. :)


PelleG said...

Yo steve!
just use cd marker pens!

What advice would you give to someone looking to start producing there own records?
What software and equipment would you recommend?

Oh yeah and when are you gonna come to glasgow! I was supposed to see you at cream ibiza in june but the damn police shut down amnesia!
Finally when's body crash coming out! Its Awesome!

Thanks, Michael.

Chribba said...

Hi Steve! When will Who's Who - Klack be released?

Steve Angello said...

Klack will be released within a month ! just waiting for the remix package to be finihed and it will be out there !!

Jeremy said...

fan va avundsjuk ja blir när ja ser bilderna från australien. du lever livet du...

Andy C. said...

hi steve,
the new layout for your sizerecords website looks very nice, but when will it be launched completely?
when will you have your next gig in germany.

Anthony said...

Hey man!!

congrat for your tour which seems to have been MASSIVE!!!

I'm a bit lost today about new tracks (i haven't internet conexion @ home :( )

I u can edit a short list of ur favorite tracks at the moment, it would be great!!!!

see ya

sebbo said...

Hi Steve,
I can advise you the Canon Pixma iP5000. I use this myself with printable CDs. I have these and use the CDJ1000 and I have don’t any problems when I playing CDs. This printer becomes with the software and can be easily operated.

I saw a video of you in your studio where you interviewed by a Music Magazine. You produced there your track "Tricky". When will this track published?

My question to you, you are not going in detail in this video on your master loop in your output of your soundcard in the sequencer. I think it just makes this typical Swedish House Mafia sound. What you use in which chronological order in your master loop on your output?

I use in my master loop 1st Waves REQ2 2nd Yamaha Master 3rd Final Waves Q10 4th Izotope Ozone 5th PSP Vintage Warmer 2, and for this I all plugs I have my specific presets to make pounding sounds. Can you give me some tips of your masterloop?

Thank you for your reply!

Greetings from Germany…

Anders Abrahamsson said...

hej steve! först måste jag säga att du gör fet musik. Har länge velat göra lite egen musik men det står bara en massa skit om hip hop, det vore såft ifall du kunde berätta lite vad du använder för saker när du producerar i studion ;) byee

djbowse said...

dates for WMC please. if i miss your set my trip will be worthless. even a hint to where you'll be killing it

Tomas said...

djbowse: So far the one set I've seen posted is at Club SET March 29th, at 8pm. I think it is posted on Steve's MySpace.

Miami can't come soon enough!

djbowse said...

fuckin' tit!!!! that will be well it then. Thanks Tomas you heading down??

Tomas said...

for sure! going down for 12 days... need a week to prep for it! :)