Tuesday, January 15, 2008

APPLE does it again !!


ruben said...

Hello Steve!
Yes! the other uncle Steve doit again!
I can see what will be your next computer!!
I still have a powerbook 12'... maybe it's time for an update too :D
That's logic 8 in a very very little box!! and I can put it into a folder.

Well, as you can see I'm also excited with the macbook air :D

keep workin Steve! and... when will you come back to Barcelona?

(i have to apologice for my poor english, sorry)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing computer, though I don't really see a use for it in my life. I look forward more to the innovations that will come from this and be on the next MacBooks/MacBook Pros

robyn0303 said...

i want one, im still on the powerbook 12" to! Apple rules over pc's anyday!!!

Philip Jensen said...

Apple never fail!

Anthony said...

Yo steve wassup?!!

Last week a new FG DJ RADIO Compilation have been released with a track called "FELIX DA HOUSECAT vs DIDDY - JACK U (ANGELLO & INGROSSO REMIX)" ... I have seen this on several blog for free downloading few month ago ... But I thought it was another fake from an unknown producer ... Can u confirm if you are yes or no the true remixer with Seb??

It seems strange because you never told us about this, and I never seen it playlisted by a famous Dj ... :s


10571z said...

Apple have failed.

A. No firewire have fun plugging in your soundcard or even your video camera to make your cool home movies. or even an external harddrive

b. 1 usb again thats pathetic

c. harddrive size yay a whole 80 gig. Cant even use an external.

d. no cd drive this is laughable

e. No ethernet to bad not everyhotel you stay in will have wireless. Means no internet access

get a macbook pro