Sunday, December 16, 2007


HI !! , hope your all well . . . .

ok i´m gonna start of with thanking everybody thats been to my gigs this year!
its been an amazing experience this year ! , allot of fun , allot of partying , allot of gigs and allot of success for the swedish house mafia !
i´m really happy to be in this position i am right now , and i have all of you to thank for that! i´m greatful every second of my life , and i´m blessed , cause i´m doing what i love to do !

Before the year is over i have two more gigs to do , Wednesday i´m playing ESQUE in stockholm , i wanna finish off 2007 with a dirty little party ! and thats the spot to do that ! then the 26th Me , Axwell and Sebastian are doing a SHM show @ Cream in loverpool ! it´s gonna be the last gig of the year for the Swedish House Mafia , and if i´m right we are gonna party our asses of and hopefully will you to !! ,

after those two dates me and sebastian are on our way to Australia , we are gonna play NYE there and do a 6 gig tour ! i love Australia so it´s gonna be a nice experience!! specially me and seb in the sun for 6 days , we are probably gonna be drunk the whole stay :) ... no not really , but almost !

2008 looks like it´s gonna be an even bigger year for me then -07 , we have the new Distribution deal done for SIZE , we have new compilations planned , Buy Now Album , Steve Angello Album , SIZE second Birthday at Ministry of Sound , SIZE @ WMC , SHM @ WMC , SHM in Ibiza , Brazil tour , a new America / Canada Tour , Asia and europe , allot allot allot of nice things happening ! so hopefully we can all enjoy next year as much as possible !! we are gonna rock next year !!

Before we step in to the new year i´ll update you on a new top 10 Chart , and some other shizzle happening :) , so enjoy your week and i´ll see you soon !!



robyn0303 said...

hi steve really cant wait for 26th in liverpool!! and yes i will be definatley partying my ass off!!!
Seen the swedish house mafia about 10times in all this year either sepertley or together and u's get better everytime!
Roll on SHM Ibza 2008!
have a nice christmas and ill see u at cream, ill be the girl partyin right at the front.

jonssson said...

You should sign in on msn more !!!! I really want some of your latest tracks !