Wednesday, December 26, 2007


HI Guys ! i have been really pissed off the last couple of days !!!!!
i fucking hate people putting our music for download on there bloggs and so on !
we work our asses off in the studio to make a track , we put money into remixes , artwork , marketing , webbased promotion , promotional downloading systems and so on , to get everything right ! and then what happends ??? well some kid gets ahold of the track , don´t ask me how , and gives it away for free ?!?!?!?!?
honestly what the fuck is wrong with people ?
one thing they don´t understand is that if we cant sell our music and break even we wont put out more music , and producers will stop producing music cause they can´t live a life where everything is free !! young producers stop making music cause they can´t pay there bills , eat food or things like that !
why the fuck do people want to ruin another persons carrer ???
why can´t people just go to itunes , beatport m juno , djdownload or any other mp3 store and just buy a track ? it´s one dollar !!!!! if it continues like this i wont make any more tracks and i wont release music on SIZE , i´ll stop it unless people start respecting other peoples businesses ..... i feel bad for all those young new label owners that are struggling everyday to pay there bills , and all those young producers who wont get payed for remixes cause labels dont make money !
dont you get it . when you share music you will get one less producer each day !
if you continue like this people will stop doing records and stop releasing on there labels ! cause it´s to expensive to run a label for free !!!

fucking assholes !

Steve Angello


vlado said...

Steve,I perfectly understand you and agree with the statement!
If there is a way that we can help....

Anthony said...

Hey Steve!!! I totally understand what you feel being an artist ... But this phenomenon is very hard to solve ...
First, keep in mind that not a lot of people such as me, you and some others are ready to spend money for downloading a track ... Being a very interesting way to get tracks, people generally don't agree with Beatport, iTunes, … to spend money for a track without all the things you get buying a record in a store (cover, material CD, ...). Then as if they enjoy electronic music (whereas us who LOVE THIS FUCKIN MUSIC!! ;) )they prefer download a track for free from a server, blogs or other ... Furthermore, for students like me, buying tracks for $2.49 on beatport begin a bit hard after 10 purchases ($25 ...). That's why, I avow, I allow me to spend no more than $50 a month for beatport, iTunes, ... then if I can get the same track (good 320Kbps quality, full lengh) for free, I will not say "NO" ...
About the blog and your rips, the main responsible are the one who provide theses blogs saying : “songs available on this site are only samples and you should not keep them in your computer more than 24h” … You can wonder about the cleverness of such guys … But I’m not sure closing blogs would be the best solutions because as if they are in the illegality some of them have been useful to promote new artists : it’s by posting their own productions for free that people became enjoying their music, and then come to their gigs … But it’s not a generality … I think this phenomenon don’t hurt artists like you Axwell or others at all because you can mix in the most amazing and better places for a Dj in the world, you have compilations in stores, … but that’s not the case for a lot of Dj, who, I agree with you, could not live of their productions if this illegally downloading process follow … But unfortunately, over the last few years more and more people got good connections for the net and then, have pleasure downloading tracks, movies, … easily.



Christoffer_Malm said...
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Christoffer_Malm said...

The thing with the blogs is that thay say they only share it for promo reasons, because they cant get hold of the tracks on beatport etc. Simply they cant wait for the track! I know its not easy or funny to relese a track to fast but i think it would be better for you steve, becasue then they cant say its for promo reasons!

Chribba said...

Bra skrivet Steve!
Blir också irriterad på bloggare som lägger upp låtar!
Jag driver själv en blogg med motsatt syfte, försöker istället uppmuntra folk att köpa musik dom gillar.
Länkade till dig idag angående det här.

Grymt spelat på Esque sist och God fortsättning!

CauseMePain said...

jävla mes..du tjänar så jävla mycket på dina spelningar . Var inte så fucking mesig...du tjänar inte mer bara för att folk kommer börja köpa din musik. Om man tankar 10 låtar per dag blir det jävligt mycket om man ska köpa de..alla har inte råd

CauseMePain said...

sedan så är det vi som gör dig känd...

Babak said...
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kati said...
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kati said...

Jag tror att bloggarna hjälper dig mer än vad du tror. Folk får upp ögonen för djs/producers som Du och går på dina spelningar tack vare bloggarna (spelningar som du tjänar en jääävla massa pengar på!!!). Nä, nu har jag tappat all respekt för dig, Mr Angello. Du, själv har aldrig laddat ner låtar från internet? Nu när du har börjat ge ut låtar så lackar du på folk som gör likadant som du tidigare gjort (eller fortfarande gör).. Jävla dubbelmoral om du frågar mig!

Lev väl.

Joakim said...

Honestly Steve, do you think you would be where you are today in your career without the "illegal distribution" of your music?

Dont you think that all of your tracks that have been posted up on youtube, in houseblogs, and so on, have affected your status and helped you to become what you are?

Times are changeing. Artists do not longer make their money on cd-releases, but on performances. Do you agree?

kati said...

Indeed, the "illegal" distribution has helped u tremendously.. Your post is very biased.. I know famous producers who ENJOY bloggers putting out there music for the broad mass, because they know - unlike you, that it will help their career! So please, stop whining!

Lev väl

anto said...

What the fuck is wrong with most of the people?

the whole "this is only for promotional uses, by downloading our tracks you accept to delete our version and buy ur own one within 24hours blalbaabl"

That is just some bullshit so they won´t get sued, If they REALLY wanted to help the artist to sell more stuff, They would upload just a small sample, To tease the people and then to tell them to go to beatport,djdownload, juno , etcetc

I´m just so sick of all the selfish people!


Steve Angello said...

People are pissed of with me cause i´m "whining" ?? ok let me tell you something : i know this business better then you and i hear what people say all the time about downloads , everyone is tired of it .. you say 10 downloads a day wont affect me , well if 10.000 people say 10 downloads a day it´s shitloads of downloads !! i´m worried about the future not my carreer !!! i´m telling people what i think , if that upses you i´m sorry for you ! did you thin abba got big of blogs ?? they sold 360.000.000 records , thats why they kept going and still going today !! the faster tracks rize they fall , don´t kill this industry !!

viktor_delahouse said...

I think this post was embarrasing, i just lost all my respect to you steve. you're supposed to adjust to the people and not the other way around, since you wouldnt have been anything without us...

/dissapointed house enthusiast

Est said...

I'll tell you how i see it.
These tracks posted on blogs are promo for me. I download most of them, put them in my winamp playlist, and after ,let's say, a week i choose my favourites and buy them (if released, which often is a problem). So in my opinion this type of promotion works fine. I know that some (most?) pepople download the tracks, not even thinking to buy them, but is there a way to convince them to do so?

And Steve, don't you sometimes wonder, how is it, that you give you fresh-made tracks to some fellow friends of yours and sudenlly they r in the web? Many artist give their tracks to other dj's to promote them. And there is always some kind of a leak even before the release day. And you blaim only those at the end of the chain.

TNM said...

I totally agree the prices on iTunes / Beatport are very cheap - so I think most people are tempted to download off these blogs simply because they can't wait to get the tracks... sometimes you have to wait like 4 months after hearing something before it gets released!
I'm not defending it, but I think that is what motivates people.

Kenneth said...

What about artists who do not perform? They get nada. Not everyone are mega DJs.
Downloading a track illegally is the same as stealing it in a shop. Nothing can change that.
It's scaring me that mindless kids are killing this industry on download at a time.

Julian said...

i understand u steve and u most know the business very good being where u are now ! im especially sick of the people ripping every shit they hear in the radio and share it. but i really think if your tracks (which reeally everyone in the housescene waaants) get released sooner they will sell a lot better! i dont know why i should buy "it" with lb luke and ingrosso when it will be out.. cus i heard it soo many times since 1 year on cds, many parties and so on. its getting a "older tune" before the release..
thats my opinion ! but please dont stop making music because of this, there's a way to make it better im sure!!

Steve Angello said...

i can´t believe some of you still think i´m wrong and you post "i loose my respect for you" ??? i loose my respect for all of you thiefs out there !!! i have been buying records my whole life , when i was a kid i went to buy 10 vinyls a month cause i didnt have allot of money , and those 10 vinyls saved my whole month ! what would people say if i went in with a bag and stole 100 records a day in a record store ??? AM I WRONG ??? if you tell me i´m still wrong theres something wrong with the way you think ! i dont mind dj mixes online , samples of tracks , movie clips from gigs , but i think it´s wrong stealing , maybe i´m stupid but i dont think it´s right stealing .. sorry about that

Julian said...

youre completely right! (btw i also buy records) i dont wanna say anything bad about your statement but please just keep this point in mind: in a record shop you cant steal a track that is gonna be released in a year!!! if the people hear your killer tracks like "bodycrash" or "be" or whatever in a radio station they want to buy it immediately or at least in an acceptable time. cus they go crazy for it! but they cant, they can only find it on illegal blogs and on p2p so thats the choice a lot of people are gonna take. am I wrong?:) peace

kjellgerigen said...

i can see this on two sides, but i know what side i stand on.

but please dont call it stealing. stealing is when you take something and not when you copy something. i was really almost crying when went down. you who are downloading music knows what im talking about. good thing is up and running, and i think alot of bloggs are doing a good job to find some tracks to download.

this has gone so long so no mather what you write or do people will continue download, you CANT stop it. its not worth trying. i guess its your passion to create music? so basicly if you wanna stop people to stop downloading your music you need to stop create it. and i DONT want it.

Seen you live and i gladly payed for it.

dont try to stop anything you cant.

simma väll.

Andy C. said...

hi steve,

i think you are right! i think everybody should have 1 or 2 €/$ to buy a track. I can't understand people who download everything illegal. In times of vinyl you had to pay more for a track and nobody cried that it was too much. Further, if tracks aren't released early there are so much other great tracks you can play or listen to.

hope you'll go on doing an amazing job in djing and producing!


Steve Angello said...

Thanks you all for the discussion , i´m done with this one now , buy / steal / share / spread ..have fun


sofja said...

dear steve. this has been an ongoing legal discussion for quite a while now. your arguments aren't innovative or constructive. you might wanna be a bit more familiar with the general discussion before you just whine about like this in your blog? it's a huuuugh and complex issue, deal with the pros and cons instead of being such an egocentric cry-baby!
everyone knows your making a fortune, are you greedy or just stupid?

Philip Jensen said...

kjellgerigen; How can it not be stealing?

1. Some or someone produce it

2. A label release it

3. You download a "copy" on p2p, blogs, whatever without paying a dime.

DISRESPECT. Doesnt matter if the people behind it have $100 millions or 1 cent.

World of Warcraft, coca cola and mindfucked kids. Great generation.

Sofja: Nothing will justify it. People make it an issue but actually theres not much to discuss.

sofja said...

philip jensen:
Haha oh really? Tell that to the people in charge of writing the laws. And who the hell are you to judge anyway, what do you know about the legal concept of stealing, jurisdiction, national law on the Internet? "It's wroooooong" "It's disrespectful", since WHEN are these point ov views objective facts? No one of you guys will ever win an argument that really matters, that's for sure. Again, drop the goddamn whining and please contribute with some actual knowledge och information about the issue if you want a real and constructive discussion! Otherwise it's just way too obvious that you're greedy and don't give a damn about the actual music or, even so, the people who don't have enough money to support people like mr angellos cash flow. You're talking about moral issues here, about "stealing". How about another moral issue, how about discussing the problem with some people having ALL the money and power (like mr Angello), and some people having nothing at all (the "thieves"). What do we do about this issue? Is mr Angellos music only for the privileged or what is it that you are trying to tell me?

kjellgerigen said...

1. yes someone produce its, correct.

2. correct again.

3. correct again! damn you are a clever boy.

but about thw World of Worldcraft, im not playing it. but i drink coke dont you? but im prolly older then you with your langue.

And about the whole generation, this is the new generation. we have the possibility to download and listen to tracks for free. so why shouldnt i?

OM DETTA said...

Hej Steve.

Jag ger dig all respekt för detta inlägg. Det känns helt honest från din sida. Jag håller även med dig om att nedladdningskulturen missgynnar musiken och hela artisteri. Kontentan (oavsett om dj gager ökar eller kortsiktiga ekonomiska vinster görs) är att kvaliteten blir sämre på musiken, omslagen, artisteriet - hela skiten. Eftersom det är som det är måste man ju förhålla sig till dagsläget och på något sätt vinna, trots rådande omständigheter. Jag hoppas du hittar ett förhållningsätt till nedladdning och musikindustrn som gör att du kan fortsätta skapa prime shit liksom.

Jag jobbar på ett europeiskt stort skivbolag (PIAS/play it again sam duvet Tiga Vitalic Soulwax osv). Även jag ser baksidan och insidan - sådant som nedladdare och journalister inte fattar eller bryr sig om att ta upp i artiklar och i kommentarer som jag läst på bloggar.

Keep it up för fan! Du har ju känsla!

Elin Alvemark

Philip Jensen said...

"we have the possibility to download and listen to tracks for free. so why shouldnt i?"

Its very simple. You never steal gum from a store but you download a track wich cost £1 or so without paying.

"but i drink coke dont you? but im prolly older then you with your langue."


Sofja; This is exactly what im talking about. People make it an issue but its so simple. Downloading other peoples media is just as wrong as stealing something in a store. U pay for whats on the CD and not for the material.

"you're greedy and don't give a damn about the actual music"

U can tell when a producer is greedy. Just listen to the IDOL contenders tracks.

demos said...

hahaha some people that pose here make me laugh!

stealing = taking something that is not your and not paying for it...end of story! regardless of the circumstances

i remember times when buying music was exciting and a lot more fun. when you finally found that tune that you were desperately looking for!

a reply to the idiotic twat (and all others who think the same) that posted that Steve is making a fortune so he shouldnt care:
listen mate i'd like to see you try in doing what steve and the whole swedish gang have done for the industry! i remember way back before woz not woz and the ibiza times when vinyl was still king, the swedish gang invested in music on vinyl and changed some of our lifes completely! i cry when i listen to tunes from way back from steve, ingrosso, axwell under all of their other's really understandable to be pissed off when they have put so much into this and see that people just tear it down in a click of a mouse!

if they are making a fortune than that's because they deserve to!

so piss off to all that think they started making music for the money! of course money plays a part in every wouldn't be doing stuff for free would you?

respect and keep up the good work steve and the whole swedish mafia

don't let some idiots take you down you know what you put into this better than they do!


kjellgerigen said...

we still dont take anything. we COPY.
small but still a difference.

Steve Angello said...

thanks Andy !


Adrien Lotfipour said...

Steve, you are my favourite DJ and I admire your skills. I had a blast in Vancouver when you came by. I've purchased all your tracks from beatport and im happy and i dont mind spending the money because im not cheap and if i really love the music of the artist i like, then i make an effort by supporting. its only fair.

Mr Kebab said...

I don't like the payments online & most of the record stores don't have new dance releases. If you could pay with SMS or something, things would be a lot easier.
Hope you get my point.

diizy said...

Hi Steve,

I'm not sure if you are referring to Body Crash, although the one being distributed right now is a radio rip (it's below 128). I know SO many people (including myself) who are just desperate to get ahold of a high quality copy. The moment this gets released, I know you are going to sell BIG, we want high quality. (And I want the dirty south edit so badly.)

And there is no reason to not send blogs posting your tracks DCMA notices, if they refuse, you can sue them.

What the blogs are doing may or may not be good for you and it is up to you what to decide to do with them.

My 2 cents.


britpopsnob said...

Sorry, if you don't want people to download your music illegally then release your music so people can get it legally from Beatport etc.

Olaf said...

reffering to britpopsnob
Check beatport for Steve's name before you come up with these statements.
and if you are reffering to Buy Now - Body Crash PATIENCE is the keyword.


Go said...

Steal Now - Career Crash

If you couldn't afford to eat I'd agree with you but you earn more money in an hour that some people earn in a month.

Get over it!!!

Dogo said...

2 things..

I, as Steve used whatever money we could get in our young days (12-18 years) to buy records, and it actually was the best money i ever spent.

1. im sorry for everyone calling himself a dj who's never touched vinyls. its a thing of bliss..

2. Steve, I know u call ur brothers maffia, and maffia keeps it tight like we did back in the day. You know the business, i don't, so you know what to do to keep it maffia.

i solna backar vi er.

KID KRAZZY said...
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Dan Cella said...

Aww this old boring discussion again. It's a tough call. I understand stealing is stealing. And as I did grow up myself with vinyl (crates and crates full) I understand what you are talking about.
Unfortunately it's not like the old days, where if we couldn't find the track in our local record stores we could just have them special order what we wanted. Now and days you have to go through Beatport which gets a lot of shitty tracks put out on it. And when the good ones come out they are already a few a months behind. With DJing being the hottest occupation since amateur hour at your local karoke bar, the hunt for the goodies before every other jerk off electro top 10 beatporter who doesn't even know how much a record use to cost gets his hands on it is on.
So unless you have a name for your self and have promo we all know you and almost every other big dj does, then you have to try to find these tracks else where. If that means stealing then thats what it comes down to. But when I do it I get promo copies from special groups who have members who are part of these promo pools. And I think this seems to be what people hate most about this leaking non-sense. If you don't want people to have your tracks before you release them stop handing out promo copies.
Not to say it's your fault that people are stealing music. But if you put it out there before you officially put it out there then you are only fucking your self, its definitely a catch 22. Because you want people like Tong and Morillo to have a copy...but somehow every time you give a copy of a track out it seems to end up in the lap of the masses. Hmmm...
Anyway, I'm waiting to buy my copy of Body Crasher. That track is to good not to pay for. And I'm looking forward to the Buy Now album.

See you at the conference,

Go said...

I'd like to spend time picking apart your post, point by irrelevent point. However the fact you don't know how to use caps lock and use the word "muzik" says it all for me.

If record companies (and producers) didn't hold out so long on releasing tracks from the time of the first promo pressings/copies people wouldn't feel the need to "steal" your music.
People wait months and months for official releases and by the time they arrive people are sick of hearing the fucking track, no matter how good it is. Holding back the release has one purpose, to build up hype in order to sell units. However in this day an age when everyone has access to the internet on high speed lines this no longer holds true.
If you're trying to make it as a DJ you MUST to have upfront tracks, not tracks that have been cained by the likes of Pete Tong day in, day out for the last 3 months, and unless you're "connected" what chance do you stand. Sure, you may say create your own tracks, but where is the recognition factor there?!
I defy you to stand up in front of your fans and say you have never downloaded a track "illegally" or copied a CD from a friend.

Let the hypocrisy reign.

KID KRAZZY said...
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Tim said...

You make music, People download your track, like it (some of those will even buy the vinyl or CD in a record store) and a lot of those people pay (+/-) 50 euro's to see you at a party, wehere you will DJ for about one hour and make big cash. Often even more than one sets a night on weekends.

Don't get me wrong, I'm against Downloading and sharing without actually buying the records, but you cannot disregard the fact that p2p sharing is also a marketing tool.
If people that wouldnt buy records in the first place would only download.. no problem.
If people who download, and actually buy the real record because the p2p scene offers them a chance to review the track before buying this (this is ofcourse also possible in a record store, but through internet, this is much easier.) also no problem.
The only problem, are the people that download and never buy.
And to be honest, I don't know many people like that.

Well thats just my two cents.:)

pyc said...

so you're pretty much narrow minded, and can't you understand that copying music is so basic thing, like we go to toilet, eat some food. you can't forbid such basic things, even more because everybody's doing it. stick to your dj vages, an live cool. and please understand some things.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ooohhh my god! as steve already realised this discussion will never end!

let's all just focus more on being creative, by the time you've all written these looong posts you could have made a new beat in cubase/reason/logic whatever u use and get ready for the massive SIZE competition...get it going steve!

as i've said in the post know what you put into this, so keep doing it! let all jackoffs be jackoffs and spend their whole day on torrent and p2p while we make cool music, if we didnt exist than they wouldn't have anything to do all they should be grateful really!

spank that vinyl...:)

boop said...

Hi Steve and everyone else

I used to download a lot of stuff via P2P, but it's just easier and more simple to use legit services so now I don't bother with the free stuff. There will also be people who will take stuff if they can, no matter how little it costs, but I think people are generally decent and once the novelty of getting something for nothing wears off you become more selective. That's my story anyhow; I used to download all kinds of music for the sake of doing so, but it became completely numbing. Now I'm a lot more selective and just pay and download music I really appreciate - it's a lot more meaningful to me that way.

Thanks for the tunes.

death said...

Steve, i used to buy loads of records to as a young'one, im probably your age, and collected furiously, and still do - and though of late i simply dont have money to buy all the records i download (like many of us who do) we only do it cause its there - and if we didnt swap music through peer 2 peer or the web, it would have been CD copying or on tapes back in the 80's and early nineties, which i would still be doing to day if we didnt have peer 2 peer and the web today - also the amount of people who hear about your music because of the web has majorly grown, so without it, youd still only be prmoting to a smaller portion of the market, so somehow it DOES balance out - and dont say that you understand more about the music business just cause of what people are saying, some people are saying that without the web they wouldnt be where they are now - so keeping in mind the expanding user base + groeing market, im sure that your earnings have not been affected much at all - and maybe runninng a label the old fashioned way is too pricey, so there are major things to be heard from new trends and that is that everyone has to get with them and change something about their business to go with the current ways of distributing, producing and promoting -

Finally 1 really important point, many f the people downloading tracks because they can, doesnt mean they would have been in shops buying them 10 years ago - simply because its more easily available has made everyone a music specialist these days, but in the end if it were still down to shops etc, the portion of records collectors and Dj's would still proportionally be the same - i.e 9 out of 10 downloads ARE NOT AFFECTING YOU - if you dont want to understand this then DONT, but youd be wasting your time trying to fight it, instead of working out new ways of DEALING WITH IT.

Go said...

You hit the nail right on the head there, nice one!
I for one would never buy Steve's records, nothing personal it's just not my taste. However, I have "heard" some of your tunes and they have, in the past, made me go out and see you in a club.
So although 'illegal' downloads cost you very little to no money, they actually increase the demand for you in clubs, therefore increasing your appearance fee.
There ... don't say I never did nothing for you!

Stojan said...

yes, we are stealing music, but you can't do anything about it so get used to it. times are changing, now music is free, films are free, most of the art is free. i'm sorry you live in 21st century

4:28AM said...

hey steve, did you pay for any of the samples you've ever used?! i doubt it.

and this is a good starting point before starting whining about those fuckers "stealing" your tunes:

Vicki said...

.....Oh dear....poor Steve must be wishing he hadn't said anything. obviously, its a delicate matter which i, to be honest, dont know much about BUT everybody has really displayed their angry sides. Please dont be mad at ALL your fans Steve, I still love ya :) xx

Vicki said...

....and look forward to seeing what you have in store for me (and every1 else of course)23rd Feb @ MOS x

Schalk said...


Schalk said...

Your tunes are shit anyway, I wouldnt download them if some one had a gun to my head!
I also think you should watch your language when referring to your fans ( those people who actually go through the trouble to download your crappy tunes), I see this rant posted on many forums, and you lost a lot of fans, well done!

Anonymous said...
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moody_500000 said...

Respect to you angello! your totaly right! You guys should stop being soo frugal and buy some fucking tracks! are you suposed to tell me that without dj legends like steve angello in the producing business people would actualy still like house music? ha. legends like angello are what made it happen for house music to rise in todays charts. if you care so much about downloading tracks, why dont you pay that 1 dollar or even less on a track so house music will actualy continue! i live in egypt and for all you racists who think egyptians are poor, no we are not.. atleast i buy my tracks! and for you joakim who says most djs get there money from parties, do you think if they get atleast 1000 dollars a day from tracks they wont start going around the world for tours? they would. but its fags who dont care that stop them.

f said...

haha. you cheap bastard. admit it: you just want MORE money! aint it so? tell us you only bought 10 vinyls a month... THAT'S A FUCKING LOT if you don't get that. people who can't buy that many records, they download to be able to listen to you anyway, and enjoy your music and visit your DJ-sets, if possible... do you realise how much people you've gotten to buy just one of your records, who without "illegal" downloading wouldn't know shit about you or your sorry ass problems about not earning enough money when you already earn a WHOLE lot than common...

Jonathan said...

Ok. I won't download your music. If this is your attitude, I also won't be buying any of it.

Because of this I won't likely be hearing any of it. I won't be able to tell people about how I liked your releases. I won't be able to help increase your fan base.

You know what's worse than someone that downloads your tracks and doesn't pay for them? Someone who won't download your tracks and doesn't pay for them.

hy2rogen said...

Fucking piracy will never fucking stop! x(
As a young artist I'm verry pissed about this matter because I'm not getting all the money I'm supposed to...

Skrutt said...

To all you thieves out there:
If you are so fucking stupid that you cant earn the money you need, why do you still think its your right to have the things you want?!!!

If I dont have money to spend on, for example, a dress I want, then I have to save money for it before. I just dont go and steel things I want.

Whats the difference between Angellos tracks and Gucci purseys?

Use your brains if you have one, geeks.

Vi backar dig, Steve!

Kram från LB i Solna

Paul said...


You, like many other artists, understand that this is a business and not just a "good time". Next time someone goes to their favorite restaurant have them ask the chef for a free meal, see what happens. I don't think it comes down to anything other than TWO things, and that is MONEY and CONVENIENCE. Personally I love beatport but like a few other people on here i can only afford so much. Now any one who buys vinyl knows that digital is the cheaper way to go and there lies a money problem - CHEAPER. People want not only music but everything in life CHEAPER and most do not justify buying a track for a few bucks on beatport, or juno, or wherever just to download it and put it on their ipod, when they ca get it for free.. If you really want to solve this problem all you have to do is keep the quality LOW, say 128 and make the higher quality only available through your site or the labels site with a watermark assigned to each track. All "DJ's" and producers can then buy the higher quality track from those sites specifically and not beatport or any where else and each person purchasing can then be cataloged to that specific track. You have to make it harder for the better quality to be obtained. The second thing is convenience. Again, for most, it is just simply convenient to download from a pirate site rather than give all their information to a pay site, have to filter through that sites "top 100" and so on. I think that most rely on the "scene" to tell them what is hot, where as most dj's and producers are looking for specifics and can filter the crap rather quickly. In reality though I think it boils down to work and who is really out there as an ANTI-PIRACY group fighting these sites, I mean all you have to do is google specific terms and you get infinite pages of these sites. Now for all these fucking idiots that are complaining because YOU are complaining, FUCK THEM.. I say they go to work for free and see if they like it, I challenger them to tell their boss, "hey - Can i work my ass off this month and NOT GET PAID?" - PLEASE!!!!. For producers that only PRODUCE that is their only income, for producers that DJ, they have a little more to fall back on, but either way a dollar lost is a dollar lost and I am sure everyone can agree our money is pretty important to us.

Monsieur said...
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pyc said...

Steve, honestly you're fuckin' asshole for thinking like this. Downloading is a perfectly moral thing one man can do.

seany said...

I followed a link to this page from another site, actually a music torrent site, the thread I was reading was discussing how good/shit Swedish House Mafia are (I voted shit) I actively download a lot of music maybe 20gb a month from various blogs and one torrent site in particular 99% of what I "steal" I delete because its shite, If I like music I will pay for it.
Last week I found a friends tune on a 0day blog which had been ripped from soundcloud, after I had told him we discovered it on a few more sites... my friend was ecstatic, maybe its something that changes with the more money you make, my friend was delighted that someone thought his music was good enough to rip and post.
Personally I think your music is shit Steve, I think you are a pompus prick and you need to be grate full that some people do think your tracks are worth paying for.... I delete them

marcus.bradley said...

Steve I suppose this applies to all the bedroom producers that stole production software, plugins and sample packs to does it?

As for illegally downloading tracks do you include the dj's that play your tunes, that advertise your tracks, that make you famous... I mean most of us can't get on promo lists like you and get thousands of tracks for free...... plus we don't get beta versions of new software and plugins like you do and promo versions of sample packs to make the tracks in the first place..... Live with the fact that the thousands of dollars u make out of gigs and merchandise is going to be your salary plus ur sales through beatport and itunes.... i'm sure u'll survive!

marcus.bradley said...

Steve I suppose this applies to all the bedroom producers that stole production software, plugins and sample packs to does it?

As for illegally downloading tracks do you include the dj's that play your tunes, that advertise your tracks, that make you famous... I mean most of us can't get on promo lists like you and get thousands of tracks for free...... plus we don't get beta versions of new software and plugins like you do and promo versions of sample packs to make the tracks in the first place..... Live with the fact that the thousands of dollars u make out of gigs and merchandise is going to be your salary plus ur sales through beatport and itunes.... i'm sure u'll survive!