Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SIZE Records !!!

Hi Guys !! , the new SIZERECORDS.COM website is now online !!!!!
Check it out !


Christoffer_Malm said...

Hey Steve!

Din länk till size går direkt till index så man kan spara allt på din sida... tänkte att du ville ändra de så inte tricky å andra osläppta låtar går ut på internet.

Keep up the good work!

Danny Barajas said...

can't see sure its up..?

Est said...

Yesterday evening it wasn't quite what i would call 'Up' !
It was possible to search your site folders as an ftp server.
Dunno how mamy ppl saw this but you could even download some unshareable (i think) stuff.
Probably just a simple error but try to avoid them mate ;)