Tuesday, November 06, 2007


HI Guys !! . i´m so sorry i haven´t been writing anything but it´s been a busy tour and i´v been travelling all the time , so i havent really got any time to get the blog going , i´m on the last week now so i´ll be back in europe the 12th November , it´s been 3 FUN weeks ! , clubs been amazing and all the people have been really up for a party ! well have a flight to catch so i´ll see you soon !

Steve Angello


hedzz said...

Steve, you absolutely fuckin nailed it in Vancouver! All the House lovers said this was the Best show in Vancouver to date!
We were behind you all night and had an amazing time with you. You're a great guy with a great personality. You partied with everyone by the booth and we loved it. It was a dream come true for me to be standing beside one of my favorite DJ's....like literally right next to you. We had Trance Addicts that said they had never danced so much at a Trance Event and they were going crazy with your smoking House music dancing their butts off!

PLeASE PLEASE Come back, Vancouver loves you!

Steve Angello said...

HI !! i will deffinetly be in Vancouver pretty soon! i had a blast ! one of the best gigs on the Canadian tour !


magnum PI said...

It's good to see you finally hit Canadian soil! A few of us have been following you for years, and can't believe that you will be playing live on Saturday in Windsor!
Any chance Seb will be with you?

Looking forward to a great set!
Enjoy what North America has to offer!!!

Dani said...

Hello Steve, grets from Barcelona! You gonna play in Pacha BCN next 16 th November. For this special moment we (me and some friends) gonna book a table in the VIP area what means we will close to the you. One of my friends is also a producer and Dj and he just released a studio sessions for our own plesuare. We wonder if you will mind if we give u a copy of the session that day.
Looking forward to see u in pacha!
Dani, Miguel and Salva.

Andy C. said...

Hi Steve,
1. when will you be at germany again?

2. I don't know if you know this track allready but please listen to it on beatport:
"Moonbootica - strobelight"
It's absolutly amazing

alexp13 said...

steve i no your probably wont see the message beacause your really busy but i just wanted to say thank you for that night at stereo.. your absolutly amazing! i was the guy in the yellow shirt i dont no if u remember. you really got the crowd going and people would really like for you to return.your amazing steve!!

Matthew Cardinal said...

Hey Steve! Thanks for the night at Stereo in MOntreal! Iwas the guy who had you sign the tie, and was with you in the DJ booth in Stereo. Your incredible, and amazing! I will never forget that night.

I travelled from across canada to hear you in my favorite club. It was well worth a Birthday trip!

thanks alot!

Ian said...

It's a little belated, but I gotta say that you absolutely, undeniably killed Ottawa...never seen anyone pound back the Patrón like you do...