Friday, October 05, 2007


Hi Guys !! . First of all let me tell you that the new buy now record is AMAZING !! it´s twisted , funky , cutup rock , we finished it yesterday (it´s brand new)!! it´s called "Body Crash" and will be out pretty soon , so watch my blog for more details !! .

I´m off to RIGA at the moment , sitting here waiting for my late flight , it´s always good to bring the laptop with me on these trips cause it´s allot of new music around that i wanna get my hands on , and the flight today is one hour late so i got plenty of time crolling around internet for the newest hottest tracks !! . if you have any recomendations please don´t hesitate to put a top 10 or something on the blog .

Tomorrow i´m in Sheffield doing The Plug ! it´s gonna be HUGE and if you are around don´t forget to come by !!

ok i´m gonna board the plane so i´ll see you out there or on the blog !

Enjoy your weekend

Steve Angello


anthony.n said...

Hie Steve, I'm happy to propose you my favourite tracks at the moment (which you should like ;) )

01- The Young Punx - This Music Is Killing Me (Olav Basoski Remix)

02- Jurgen Paape & Boy Schaufler - We Love

03- Butch - On The Line (Oxia Remix)

04- Minilogue - Ghost

05- Dubfire - RibCage

06- Samim - Setupone

I tried to not select tracks you used to drop ... so have a great listening ;)


Steve Angello said...

thats a good selection!

i play no 1 , 3 & 5


Ayla said...

Hey Steve! Will def keep an eye on your upcoming track. wish I was @ your gig in Sheffield but you should seriously entertain the idea of hosting one in DC ;)

have a blast rocking the house this weekend :)

Antonio Giuseppe Tozzi said...

have a nice weekend too !!



... your biggest fan in Switzerland ;-)

TNM said...

Hard to think of some good tunes that don't come from the Mafia already.

loving the Dirty South mix of the Doors at the moment though.

GT said...

WOW cant wait for the new Buy Now record. I absolutely loved and still love For Sale.

All the best Steve

DebyonthemiXx said...

hi steve! there's mt top TEN

1: Pryda BaLaton
2: Buy NOw sOld
3: Butch On the line(Oxia remix)
4: Francesco diaz and young rebels human animal (John dahlback remix)
5: STeve angello SeBastian Ingrosso laidback luke IT
6:Vitalic My Friend Dario (Dima Prefers new beat remix)
7:Steve Angello - Sansation (Boyko & Sound Shocking Remix)
8:Dj Dlg & Laidback Luke Ambition [Laidback Luke Remix]
9:Marc houle techno vocals
10:Laidback luke Breack the house down

HAVE a GooD week ENd :)

Christoffer_Malm said...

Den enda av mina top10 som jag inte är säker på att du lirar är D.O.N.S. - The Night Train.
Men en av mina absoluta favoriter som jag måste få tag på är den ni lirar här:
Ruskigt bra!

KieranB said...

'Sly Detector' - Pig & Dan

'I Found You' - Dubfire Dub

'Vandal Derivate' - Umek

KieranB said...

oh yeah

'very wrong' - chaim remix

Ali Ghanavi said...

Yo Steve ,
Check out my Top 10 on my blog ...

See you here in California in a couple weeks ..


jay said...

Yo Steve

Can't wait to see you next week. It will be an awesome party! I played your remix of Sweet Dreams at Crobar Chicago last week and the crowd roared and sang it at the top of their lungs. I will show you the video.

Here is few cuts I dig at the moment.

1 - D Ramirez feat Luciana - Trouble

2 - Chris Lake - Deadline (Original Mix) uses "must be the music" sample.

3 - Kurd maverick - Let's work - Ito remix

4 - Danz - Devotion -Peter Gelderblom Remix

5 - John Dahlback - Hustle_Up

6 - Soylent Green - La forza_del destino - radio slave remix

7 - Deadmau5 vs Jelo The reward is cheese

8 - Hook n Sling - Coup D'etat - old but still the shit

There's a few. :)

Kenneth said...
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Olaf said...

1) Groovenatics - Bust A Move

2) Veron - Brasileira

3) Laidback Luke - Break the house down (Dada Life Remix)

4) John Dahlback - Hustle Up

5) Ron Carrol - Walking down the Street (Gregor Salto, Chuckie & Dave Moreaux remix)

Thats my half-a-top-ten