Thursday, September 06, 2007


Hi Guys ! . i´m in ibiza at the moment ! so its hard for me to write allot cause the internet in the appartment doesn´t work and i am to lazy to get my ass to hotels all the time to take there wireless :) .. i´m not a good pirate but i´ll try better the coming week ! .

i have had a fantastic summer so far and i´m gonna do some writing on it as soon as i get to a place with better connection! .

playing tonight at AMNESIA . and saturay i´m going quickly to amsterdam where me and sebastian are doing a gig called "MTV City is Ours" wich i think will be really good !! .


Anonymous said...

that line up for amsterdam looks absolutely sick! wish i could be there

DebyonthemiXx said...

Please tell me when are u performing @mix club?? in paris!
i can't wait more lol

Alex Dyer said...

Hey Steve. My name is Alex, I'm from Los Angeles. Your production style and your story are an inspiration to me. I want to see you at Monster Massive but I also want to see Prydz at Avalon. What time is your set at Monster Massive. I don't want to miss your set.


ps. Come to LA as much as you can!!!! The Mode in LA sucks! we need you to change it!!!

wilda said...

Hej! Jag var på Pacha (Ibiza) när du, Ingrosso och Guetta spelade och det var sjukt bra! Vet inte om det var dig eller Sebastian som jag "high fivade" med? :-)

Tack för en sanslöst bra spelning i alla fall!