Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hi Guys ! . i don´t have that much to write about at the moment , since i´m super tired and wanna get my ass to bed , but i can tell you that we had a succcccesssssssfull day in the studio today , so hopefully you will hear some new "Buy Now" or "Angello & Ingrosso" out there soon , there´s also coming a bunch of new "Steve Angello" releases , so keep eyes and ears opened .

The compilation is going really well at the moment , and you can see me in a city close by the forthcoming weeks , cause i will be out touring like crazy . i got UK , Germany , Swiss , Brazil , Japan , Sweden , France etc .. the coming weeks , so if i´m in a club near you don´t hesitate to drop in and say hello . Ok ?

ok speak tomorrow ! time to sleeeeeeeeep

Steve Angello


anthony.n said...

Great man!!

But where can we find a schedule of your gigs? ...

Will you come in south of France (Marseille, Aix-en-Provence)??

Hope to hear the new Buy Now ...

see u guy!!!

P.S.: What about the "Be" release??

DebyonthemiXx said...

iwant ti discover the NEW bUY nOW♥♥
and stEveeeeee!! COME TO PARISSSSSS!!^^

Lenis said...

Jag åker till Istanbul på fredag – har du något tips på roliga ställen?
Lena (som pratat med Wigge)

code said...

And what about some gigs in Portugal?

Congratulations for your productions. They are amazing.


KieranB said...

sizeism is awesome great work. love klack as well. looking forward to ministry this weekend. you completely rocked it last time round. also the track you use with the vocals from ultra nate free, there is a rumour going around that it is a john dahlback track. can you enlighten me please?

thanks a lot

Melissa said...

I received sizeism last week...congrats...its a real pleasure for the ears...i can't stop to listen it!!!

see u soon at mix club ;)


KieranB said...

oh yeah good luck with the top 100 djs. we all expect to see you jumping a lot of places to were you deserve to be


Steve Angello said...

HI Guys ! . well the DJ top 100 is up to you guys . the one you all love the most will be highest on ranking so go on and vote ,

i will answer all in a couple of hours just gonna get some work done before i hit londong tomorrow ! .


ascariss said...

Hi Steve, was wondering if you could possibly post up your top tunes you are playing out now, curious to see what you are playing. thanks.