Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hacienda - Croatia

Rise and Shine , i´m tired as hell !! . it´s 07.24 in the morning and i just got up ! i could sleep for another 10 hours ! , i only slept for about 2 hours , i worked late in the studio . i´m on my way to Croatia , i´m playing Hacienda in Vodice ,it´s gonna be an amazing show so if your around don´t even think about it come down and have a steve angello experience !

Steve Angello


Dan Cella said...

when r u coming to new york?

MOP said...

Hey Steve!
I hope that you still working on the new album! i can not wait anymore for this! :D About the album, do you know the dates?? I think we are waiting a lot for that!
If you are tired dont hesitate in have some relax and nice vacations in Central America!!!
See ya

DJ X FADER said...

working in the studio!!! ... cant wait for your new materials

Jamez123 said...

What happened to "yeah?" likinn sizeism- might even go to ministry with couple of mates.