Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Future of DJing ??

i think this thing is absolutely amazing !!!!

Check out the website ! (


djwonder82 said...

Future of Djing ? Maybe. Developping our passion of music => For sure.

the only thing is that, i need 2 have 1 of this, as soon as possible.

PS : Amazing gig at Montreux Festival (Switzerland) with sebastian

Peace out
Dr. Wonder

Line said...

Den verkar ascool, men den finns väl inte till försäljning än?

Igor Rubtsov said...

Haha nice thing))

acey08 said...

Steve, do u no when they will be available? Ive searched every where on the net but only found reviews.

See u soon at Ministry


jessica said...

Hi Steve and all others

Ola here, one of the guys behind the Pacemaker. For your info, we will launch in November ans start taking pre-bookings in September at

It will be somewhat tough to get one because of the amount of interrest we ahve recieved but any friend of Steves can mail me directly on and I will sort you out.

/ ola