Tuesday, July 03, 2007



DebyonthemiXx said...

I♥♥YouR tShiiRT!!!
U KNOw it!!!;)

Anonymous said...

Your shirt pwns. :-D

MOP said...

such a cool thing!!!!
If you wannna Great Party comes to Costa Rica!! You are more than welcome!!!!

KieranB said...

amazing, absolutely amazing. this set was all i expected and much much more. was singing my heart out to the classics in front of the dj booth up to closing. when are you playing another 7 hr set? it needs to be done.
i'm looking forward to seeing you and seb at global and creamfields


HFB said...

HAHA funny tShirt))

claire said...

Quality set on Sat...roll on the 25th!

KieranB said...

claire... 25th??

acey08 said...


Your a legend, I remember when you first played at Ministry warming up for Erick Morillo. U rocked the place that nite & personally I thought u played a better set than Erick. I remember that nite when u dropped your remixes of 'Sweetdreams' & 'Gehts Noch' the crowd went mad! And then to finish your set u dropped 'Gehts Noch' again. Unbelieveable!!!

To me the 30th just proved you are in a league of your own. You get better every time I see you! Keep up the good work mate and long live 'SIZE'!!!


anthony.n said...

Yo Steve!

I'm very happy to see the first 'Size' Compilation out soon.

But about the forthcoming 'E.P. releases' for Size Rec, when will it be available?? I talk about 'Laidback Luke - Housetrap'/'Steve Angello & Roman Salzger - Sincerely yours'

Keep the vibe guy!!!

see u;)

Steve Angello said...

Acey i appreciate that allot ! . thanks for the support !

Steve Angello

claire said...

Kieranb - 25th August...next size at mos (i think!)