Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MTV on Tour

Hi Guys ! . i´m on the bus now in the middle of noware and we are on the way to Copenhagen ! it´s a huge event so if u wanna come check it out it´s held on RENOMÉ ...

don´t miss out ! .

Steve Angello ..

ps. i´ll keep u posted


Aisling said...

Hi Steve,how are u?! meet u in voodoo Letterkenny,Ireland, remember the girls at the end of the night that wanted the picture with u,but our camera was broken so it didnt work out, however we had a brilliant time, just like any other night we've seen you it was amazing,so Thank You and hope u had an ok time aswell.We're actually nurses but quality house music is our passion.your such a great producer,and we're in love with your work.We look forward to lots and lots more Angello partying.C u in Ibiza.

Much Love

Aisling & Sara X

tolis said...

Hey Steve how are you bro? u forgot Greece totally?:) Hope u are ok bro

p.s I've send to emails over to your webpage but you guys i think you get tons of emails....