Tuesday, May 29, 2007


WOW guys a had a hardcore weekend ! i did 5 gigs in 3 days . finally back home . i´ll tell u about it later tonight after i chilled at home for a bit . it was all amazing !

Steve Angello


DJ X FADER said...

gotta tell u steve... ur tracks are my fav's ..get dumb and hypnotized are my rockin' in my room .. keep up the good work, when are u coming to canada cant wait to see u

Steve Angello said...

i will actually do a canadian tour around end of october / november ..

thanks for the support

Steve Angello

Eugenio said...

hey steve!! ur music is just INSANE, seriously...my ultimate song of yours..which will and has always been my top house track (in my opinion) is CHORD...this song is just undescribable..

i was just wondering..if i can find out about your upcoming gigs somewhere? i just finished uni, so i was wondering what gigs ur doing in July?! and are there any ones you would advice me to visit?!

thanks alot man!!
would love to hear an answer from ya

Eugenio said...

hey and also steve, i have this one massive query...
I just recently heard a song called STOCKHOLM 2 PARIS..by FIRST OPTIon DEAL..and i read that this is an alias under which u, DJ Flex and Seb Ingrosso released one song...but i cant seem to find this song..do you know any place i may be able to download it?buy it?

wud be soo great if you cud help me out, cuz ive been searching for a while now:((

Anonymous said...

I agree on that Chord statement... absolute bomb that you never released! I remember talking to you one night after a gig in 2006, and you said it would be released in "a few months". What happened?

Hope your gigs went well! I know that the Lovebox festival you and Seb did in Birmingham went OFF! You can download the liveset on Tranceaddict if you want (or the Swedish House Mafia Forums)!

Get some sleep now! I'll see ya' at Global Gathering :-D

Steve Angello said...

HI Guys ! . i will release chord i have just been waiting for the right moment :) . i will push it through ibiza and release it on my personal album . i have to update it a bit cause it´s a bit old . but i wont destroy it ! . i´ll let u know when it´s done :)


Chase Buch said...

Hi Steve
myspace.com/steveangello is it you ?

dazkewley said...

Hi steve...
first comment on here, but been a fan for years. Hope you enjoyed Circus @ Barfly, I gotta say that your set was truly brilliant, and totally 'darker' from the last times i've seen you!! (I was one of the nutters at the very front!!) Shame you couldn't play the warehouse afterwards, but good to see you there and I hope you come back and join us at Yousef's circus in the future!! See ya at creamfields!!

Peace! :)