Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MTV Selected

MTV and Nokia are proud to present MTV Selected, the contest for all you mean mixers who dream of playing together with the big international names at the hottest parties.

MTV Selected consists of four badass parties (in Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm). At each party, our jury of skilled professional DJ's will select finalists who go on to the grand finale in Stockholm. Make the crowd go wild!

Think you've got what it takes?
This is what you've got to do to prove it:

* Create your profile online HERE (http://mtv.se/selected/)
* By creating your profile, you'll get your own page accessible to the world. Let the rest of us hear your mixes, read about you and see pictures of you. It's time to impress the world!
* Upload one mix or more. You're free to mix up to 6 songs, but make sure that your mix isn't longer than 15 minutes.
* For every trig you get for your mix, you increase your chances of making it to the semi-final, where participants will DJ in front of our experienced panel of DJ judges and a party crowd.

The semi-finals will be grand fiestas that take place on:

* June 5 at Club Renomé, Denmark
* June 6 at Blå in Oslo, Norway
* June 7 at Trädgårn in Gothenburg, Sweden

On site at every party there will be the following equipment:

* 1 mixer; Pioneer DJM-800
* 3 CD players; Pioneer CDJ1000 MK2 or MK3
* 2 turntables; Technics SL1200/1210

Serato, Final Scratch etc. is not allowed. No external equipment such as other mixers, microphones, samplers, drum machines etc. is not allowed (no exceptions will be made).
The grande final!

The two best DJ's from each semi final (from Sweden, Norway and Denmark) make it to the grand finale at Fryshuset in Stockholm on June 20!

These six DJ's are all competing for the grand prize: One winner gets selected to be the WARM UP DJ for one of the top DJ jury members at one of Europe's hottest nightclubs!

All DJs who qualify to the grande finale in Stockholm will recieve a Pioneer EFX 1000. And the winning DJ at the grande finale will also recieve a Pioneer DJM 800!

Check out the complete rules of the MTV Selected competition

YOU can check out the webpage at : http://mtv.se/selected/

Steve Angello


Anonymous said...

frickin' amazing contest! I hope you guys find some great talent with it!

Anonymous said...

oh sounds nice. one of my friends has made a mix! just one question..do you listen to ALL the mixes on the website when the competition is over? i saw that you could "trig" but i think you should listen to every mx that been up there so it's fair,causepeople will probably just vote for their friends and so on you know..

Onlyvip said...

it's a good thing :)

Dan Cella said...

is it just for one country or can be the djs be from all over the world?

Steve Angello said...

it´s basiclly dj´s from Scandinavia : Sweden , norway & denmark .

i try to liten to as many mixes as possible , and i have my boys involved so if they listen to some mixes and i listen to some we can come up with good quality mixes .

the new generation is such a big fan of djing and dance music so i think it´s a good thing to get people more hyped about it with challanges like these! .

Steve Angello

Mark said...

No Americans eh? Is everyone welcome to enter?

Ed said...
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