Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ministry Of Sound !!!!

OH My GOD ! .
i had a BLAST doing ministry again! i love coming there and doing my thing , i had Lottie and Laidback Luke over and they both did a great job ! lottie sprinkled her magic over the ministry floor and left me and luke standing there with a hot floor ready to explode ! Luke did a good job dropping those huge tracks , he played tracks like "Otherwize then" he´s remake of bucked headz and remix of calabria . i was ready to go and got my set going around 3.30! i played tracks like Shinedoe , teasing mr charlie , new remix of john dahbacks "everyware" and new signings to SIZE . i had a special guest there as well that was there to party :) . Sebastian came with us and that was really fun since i spend most time with my friends working and not just having fun on the side ! . thats something important to me and it´s something everyone should take care of ! .

Ministry is a specal place and my SIZE partys are doing really well ! . over the next couple of months i´m gonna make SIZE go global ! . im gonna set up partys all over Europe and South America , fist off will be my release party for the compilation i´m doing , it´s gonna be a double mixed CD mixed by me and out on SIZE .

i´m gonna send u an update tomorrow about my life ! .

see u soon !

Steve Angello


Anonymous said...

Niiiiiiiice!!! Glad the SIZE Nights are going so well and can't wait for that comp!

Vicki said...

Hey Steve. I was there again, @ Ministry Sat 28th. You were the 'NUTS', as always. Sooo looking forward to your compilation, i trust it will be flippin' excellent. In all the time i have been going clubbing, you truly are the most inspirational DJ i have come across, thanks to a friend of mine introducing me to you, your style and your music. I have been to the Ministry alot of times in the last 10 years, but since you began DJing there, i am hooked on you and your SIZE nights - out of this world mate. Vicki x

Julian said...

i will tell you everything as soon as this weekend is over !!!!!!!......

i´m gonna send u an update tomorrow about my life ..........

then please do it... keep us up to date :)!

anthony.n said...


could we have more infos about the compilation???

best regards.