Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Hi Guys ! . i would like some suggestions of stuff u want me to write about on the blog ! .
it´s hard to know what people wanna know and what u wanna hear about so any comments would be appreciated !

Steve Angello


anthony.n said...

Hey Steve, I'm happy you take some interest to your public desires. Thanks a lot!

But it's very easy to know what we want you to talk about! :D

I, for one, would like some info about:
1- your future 2xCD mixed (which will be released on Size Rec). When will it be released? And also some infos about the playlist, ... Your last MOS Session is so massive!!! I can't switch it off since the last year!

2- "Be" is an amazing track!! Apart you and the swedish guys, David Guetta is the only Dj droping this tune! Could you give us some info about the label and released date?...

3- Size website announced the lauch of laidback luke - housetrap for April/May ... How far have you got with this track? (and also about 'Phunk (your rmx)')

4- Over the last 2 years you have considerably evoluated among your different productions and then became one of my favurite House/electro producer. But apart some mixes of you, found on the net, I never could assist to one of your live Dj set ... and I hope so!!! Do you have in project to have a gig in south of France?

Follow to make pleasure for our ears guy!!! you're rockin'!!!


ascariss said...

Hello Steve, I would agree with anthony regarding the issues he has brought up

-the size cd compilation

-your latest track be, and it with luke and the mafia, release dates or if it will be released at all

-I was told housetrap was promoed during wmc, is this true? and will a public release occur soon? or at least before the summer?

-also was wondering what songs you actually have produced and which ones are fake, example are:

"Sebastin Ingrosso & Steve Angello - Switch" and "Sebastin Ingrosso & Steve Angello - Fly Away"

real tracks or fakes?

-also am curious when you will hit up canada for some gigs? perhaps with steve? specifically if you are planning anything on the west coast of canada.

Anyways, keep up the great work, always look forwards to your new productions.

Andy said...

hi steve,
i think we should thank you because of doing this blog. It's really cool that you share your impressions with us. that's no matter of course.
the first two comments are already good. probably you could also tell us something about the way you produce tracks. or do you have any bigger aims for the future? at last, when will you be at germany the next time?
rock on!

Kid Krazzy said...
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Kid Krazzy said...
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Kid Krazzy said...


"Be" could be released on Subliminal Records. The powerful diva vocal gives it that "Subliminal" sound. Even though thier sound is a little lost right now...I think this can help re-vive it! Just a thought ;)

When is "It" coming out? That song is a banger!

Super sick production!


Kid Krazzy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for carin' man! Only thing that I request is that you tell us (like the people above said) what you're doing on the business side of things more. What you have now is great!

Ben said...

Steve this blog is always a good read man :D keep it up.
i suggest continue posting writeups on your gigs, i enjoyed reading about the Brisbane set because i was there! :D
also write about upcoming gigs..
It would also be cool to hear about new tracks coming up from yourself, and other tunes that you think are off the chain from other artists :)

looking forward to future blogs :D

Julian said...

yeah why dont u post a monthly list of your top 10 tunes .. that would be nice. and i agree "be" would be a perfect subliminal release!the label isnt what it used to be and they need tracks like that, not old hit-tracks they just re-release(like redcarpet -alright,gadjo - somanytimes, joe t vanelli - get it on.etc..) morillo was talking about a steve angello track to be released in 2007 anyway, i read this in an interview at the end of 2006..

Steve Angello said...

OK guys ! . i really appreciate the ideas u all have ! . i´ll do my best and write what u requests :) ..

tanks for your support ! .

Steve Angello

Anonymous said...

all the stuff you tell us about is cool. maybe some insight into parties and stuff?

also what direction you're planning to go with your music in the future, i saw the ministry of sound video from when you were in miami and you and sebastian sounded enthusiastic bout a new style.


Dan Cella said...

Actually to be honest Steve, the only track I want to know about is Buy Now - Sold. I can find a legit copy anywhere and it still has been probably my top 3 shm tunes of all time, if not one of my favourit house tunes of all time. So simple yet so nasty!

Steve Angello said...

Hi .. Buy Now - Sold , was never released . it might be when we do an Buy Now album :)

Steve Angello

subYto said...

hi! i really like your style of music and some of the new productions are amazing, as it was mentioned "be" is a huge one.

i like this blog, it's intresting to kow something about mr angello, i'm a big fan opf yours and i'm reeeeeeally looking forward to your gig in switzerland @ liquid club on the 1st of june!!

i would like to know what ur doing in your free time, like hobbys(besides music), funny hapenings, or relations with other guys from sweden, new releases, projects


Onlyvip said...

Hey Steve i'd like to know if
"Sebastian Ingrosso & Steve Angello – Switch" is a real track or a fake? Can you help me please

Best Regards

Orla said...

Hello there Steve,
Just a quick question is there anywhere you post all your upcoming dates? 
I was at your Ministry of Sound set which I really enjoyed, any plans to play in Ireland?
Bye Now,
Orla :-)

$uperfox said...

Hi Steve,

great to see that some producers like yourself still keep the grassroots approach with their fans!

I've followed yousince the days of 'Voices' & 'The Look'. I even bumped into you @ opium garden in miami during WMC 04 & you were walking around w/a bottle of grey goose in hand:)

Curious to know if you think any producer of djs from the US are making music that are pushing the envelope/boundries.

Also, I know that the whole Ed Bangers crew are really hot right now who else do you think are the next big producers to look for?

much respect!

Steve Angello said...

i´m actually planning a big tour in canada and us . it wil e in ectober november so i´ll be there for a month or two!

for the rest of te world i´ll post dates on my website next week . it will be a pop up opening when u go in to www.steveangello.tv

Steve Angello

Fanny said...

Gia Steve!

Afta pou grafis ine kala.
Fortsätt med att producera bra musik.

Kalinixta Fanny

TNM said...

Steve - you should definitely do a Radio show on the net, and a monthly Top10!