Tuesday, February 13, 2007

here we goooooo

OK !

Finally back home and full of energy !
it´s been three amazing weeks full of gigs , fun and loads of traveling .

26th January 2007 - Kiev

i came to a full house in Kiev , the party was off the hook , the place was packed with about 10.000-12.000 people . i just got in and did a tv interview for a local program and then it was time to get on the decks ! there was a girl playing before me i can´t remember her name , she did a good warmup set and played more progressive and chunky , i got on a "dj booth" that they had set up on a lift :) . and i mean a lift ! they sent me like 20 meters up in the air and honestly i was shitting my pants !! i mean think if that thing drops or gets stuck , i´m not Superman , when i just reached the top i realized they never left my cd´s in the lift so i was "a bit" stressed , cause i´m 20 meters up in the air and had about 1 minuet to play a record :) , i just love those things , well i told the guys by screaming and shouting and after a couple of seconds they brought me down ! got my cd´s and just had enough time to get on with the show . I insisted on the lift being lower cause i had allot better feeling with the people when it was low then if i´m up there in the sky ! (it´s not only something i say cause i shit my pants ;( hahahahaha) . The night went really good and the biggest tracks for me was Laidback Luke "Hypnotized" (Steve Angello Mix) , Innersphere "phunk" (Steve Angello Edit) , Marcella "Stabbing Sally" and my own "Teasing Mr.Charlie" .

27th January 2007 - Angels Of Love - Napoli

THIS is a place u have to check out !!!! LOVED IT , Napoli is a beautiful people ! and the guys involved in the club are really really nice to ! i loved it !
i started to play pretty late after Steve Lawler , i had a full club and had a good set to follow ! , i dropped tracks like Innersphere , Audion "mouth to mouth" and the whole place started grooving , the whole set was more minimal but still with allot of energy ! i like allot of minimal stuff but for me it was to be allot of energy to fit in my set ! anyways , i was doing my thing and played as long as they could keep the club opened ! in the end the owner came up to me and asked if i could end my set , after a couple of more tracks he asked again and again and in the end i had to finish ! but i had a great time and it was really nice playing there ! i think it´s one of the best party´s in italy ! so if your around go heck it out ! "angels of love" .

2nd February 2007 - Catwalk - Barcelona

one of my favorite clubs ! i love this place and i go back all the time . it so nice being in barcelona cause i have allot of friends there and it´s always something nice happening every night , this night a friend of mine had his birthday dinner so i joined them for it ! and it was nice , 25 guys talking bullshit and making fun of anything ,
i came to the club it was a bit empty cause as u know if u been to barcelona or spain in general u know that people go out really really late and that was the reason i was a bit early ! . anyways the place got packed and i started to play ! i was a bit drunk from the dinner but it´s always fun from time to time :) . i played mostly my own tracks and the people liked it allot ! i played a couple of hours and then i started to go a bit more clubby , but i had a hard time to get the people to follow to be honest ! some people loved it but some didn´t feel it at all , thats the problem with places like barcelona it´s so much people that are not suppose to be in clubs that goes there and then they can´t understand the music so they just stand around ! thats the kinda people i wanna send to cafés instead !! but anyways in general the night was good and i had allot of fun !!!

8-9th February 2007 - Trilogy - Dubai

wow this was one of the best weekend i had in a long time ! i had such a great time this time i was in dubai , i love when u have more time then just going to a hotel then club then hotel and then home ! me and Sebastian spend two lovely days here ! we went to the beach ! we had outdoors bbq , we played tennis , we went to see arabic guys skiing inside a mall :) and we went our two night in a row !
first the 8th we arrived super tired from the flight but still ready for some fun ! we hit the beach straight away and chilled there for two hours before we noticed the BBQ they had standing around :) i just love those things so i was like a kid on christmas morning . ordering everything they had :) . then after that we went to the room to sleep cause the jetlag was catching up ! we woke up ten in the evening and went straight to a place called 360 or something like that 1 it was me , seb , tom novy and some other friends ! we had a blast ! started to have a couple of drinks and the next second i was singing along to sexy back :) then we hit Trilogy ware Tom was playing ! we had a really good time there to ! we met allot of fun people and then at three i just hit bed !
when i woke up the 9th we went to the pool-side for a bit but the weather was not that good so i was freezing , it was so cold i could use my nipples to hang the towel on !! :)
we took a walk in the mall instead and then we played some tennis ! i was so tired after the tennis i had to hit bed for a while ! i woke up after a while and rushed to the club !
we did a good set ! i mean in dubai there´s only party´s until 3 so u don´t have to plan the set that much u just have to go there and have fun !!!
it´s a place u have to see ! it´s full of fun things and the constructions and the malls etc .. it´s amazing to see !

10th February 2007 - Rohstofflager - Zurich

OFF THE HOOK !!! i was really shocked when i came here ! it´s one of those clubs ware the clubbing lifestyle lives ! people dress in a special way ! they act in a spacial way! and they love the music in a special way !
i loved this club ! around 2500 people and more clubby the this is hard to find ! i had such a great time ! i think this is one of the best clubs in swiss ! no doubt !!!
i okyed allot harder then i use to but thats kind of the way i like it ! i did a 2 hour set and had allot allot of fun !!! ..

thats it for now !

i´ll write some more in a day or two :)

Enjoy the Week !

Steve Angello


Marisa said...

Hi Steve!
What you say about some people in Barcelona clubs is true. I can't understand them.
I live 3 hours from Barcelona but I went there just for your gig. I didn't wanna miss it! and it was really great.
Hope you come back soon to Spain.
Saludos desde España!!!

Steve Angello said...

Thanx !!