Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last Weekend of the month

HI Guys ! . The last weekend of the month is coming up and it looks like it´s gonna be a big one !!
Tomorrow i´m in Kiev (ukraine) doing a huge party for about 10.000 people , i´m so pumped i can´t wait ! i have a bunch of new tracks that i´m looking forward to play ! i have some new stuff from me as well tat i wanna try ! i just finished a new remix of a track called - Innersphere "phunk" on SIZE (my label) it´s more techy and minimal but in a really pumping way , like Teasing Mr.Charlie if u know what i mean ? , then i got 2 new Steve Angello Productions that i´m really happy with that i´m gonna blast all through the weekend ! . Saturday i´m in Napoli in south Italy ! i´m doing "Angels of Love"and it´s one of those clubs i´v wanted to do for a long time and the time has come so i´m all in on that one , its party time !!!!!!!

i´m back home sunday and on monday i will go to a ski resort called "Åre" it´s 30 mins flight from stockholm and it´s like a winter party place some of the weekends so i´m up for that to ! it´s gonna be fun hopefully the cold wont slow down the dancin , eather way i´ll get them hot and going all night so if your based in sweden get your ass over to ÅRE !!

all u other will get a fullt update of the weekend after it´s done ! ..

stay warm

Steve Angello


Iammesol said...

10,000 people + new songs = ONE LARGE AND OFF THE HOOK PARTY!

Rock 'em dead! :-D

peteleco said...

hi ! =P i receive a e-mail about a festival, and i see your name on line-up, this festival will be in Rio de Janeiro, if it is true, i can't wait to see you again, i've been present in Búzios when you played, and your set is so fucking amazing, i hope this time you play "tell me why" =PPP and your new songs

Adrien Lotfipour said...

Steve! Your music is awesome! Don't worry if people might like it or not because your music is SMASHING!!! I LOVE IT! Especially your new "Drop it"... and excellent track!

Sr_Pirata said...

well steve, as i told you 2 times tonight, "the greatest" :). what a shame "insomnia"'s faithless cd wasn't ok.. :(. the rest, amazing.. take care and see ya soon!

Yoa said...

Dear Steve,
I’m so happy you are doing great!!.. Tours to south America?.. hmm~! good for you..!!
Hope someday you can make it to Venezuela.
Tried calling you in December from my hometown, but I couldn’t. Now back in Miami.
Talk to you soon
Always wishing you the best :)
Your friend

Iammesol said...

lol... about the Insomnia cd... maybe if you'd quit biting them Steve they wouldn't skip so much :-P

macieinho_pl said...

Steve I love your music !! :))

Steve Angello said...

thanks for all the replys ! .