Friday, December 29, 2006

TOUR !!!!!!

finally !!!!!! i´m feeling allot better and on my way to the airport , i´m off to LA to do new years and then south america for one month !! . will write while i fly so check for updates every second day ! ..

Steve Angello


Don Bedeker said...

Hi steve angello,

your the best dj in the world!!

Do you come to holland? in july to Dance Valley festival?

I hope so!!

a happy newyear!


big fan

Iammesol said...

Glad you're feelin' better Steve! That's the most important thing to us. Hope you have a great New Years and good luck!

Steve Angello said...
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Steve Angello said...

Don : i have no clue when i´ll be in Holland but i´m sure it wont be to long since i´m on a full schedual ! . so i might see u around soon! .my calendar will be online in a week ..

thanks for that iammesol i´m allot better now ! . medication ROCKS :) ..

Steve Angello

arthurwoo said...

Steve Angello!!!!

I came across your blog site after looking for things to do for New Years Eve tomorrow. I live in San Francisco and just saw that you'll be in Los Angeles but I won't be able to make it down in time to watch you play, which is disappointing for me as I've been a fan of your music for years.

I have some tracks I wrote that I'd like to get your opinion on. Any way I can contact you privately via email to send you the info? Keep rockin man!


giuzitcha said...

Hi Steve!!
I read that you will be at south america for one month!!!!!!
It was so good to see you at Skol Beats and Sirena last year!!!

and by the way, Happy New Year!!!!


teresa said...

I was at together as one on new year's eve and you rocked the house!!!

I was in the front row dancing my ass off to your whole set and when the clock stuck 12 and sweet dreams started playing I couldn't think of a more perfect way to ring in the new year!!

You one of my favorite dj's I seen you spin once before at independance '05 and ever since then I've been hooked can't wait till you come to california again!!

Much love