Saturday, December 16, 2006

SIZE @ Ministry Of Sound

Hi Guys ! Another Weekend is coming up and i´m really pumped !! i´m in France at the moment playing a lub called Macumba it´s just across the boarder from Geneva .. tonight might be good but it´s one of those clubs ware u dont really know what to expect ! so i´ll cross my fingers for a good one ! ..

Tomorrow (Saturday) i have my monthly party at Ministry Of Sound in London! and thats gonna be HUGE !!!!! this months guest is Lottie . i will tell u all about the weekend on sunday ! ..

Enjoy The Weekend !!

Steve Angello


anthony.n said...

Hi Steve,
first I'm very happy to see your website online ... it rocks!!
then, it's amazing to see you all over the world every day in all the best club worldwide!!!
So, hope to see you in Marseille (France) soon .. and follow to make us this f*cking house music as you do!!;)
(P.S.: when could we expect "Buy Now - For Sale (Felix Da Housecat Rude Mix)" to be sold?... I can't wait more!:d:d please answer me...;))

Enjoy! ;)

MoRanGo said...

You can find Felix da Housecat remix on the Mixmag December 2006 offer CD.

Mixmag Presents Stadium Electro Mixed by Steve Angello 2006-nov


1.veerus & maxie deevine - mussica

2.rekleiner - the state of things

3.wally lopez - strike me down

4.laidback luke - housetrap

5.steve angello & laidback luke - other

6.innersphere aka shindoe - phunk

7.steve angello - teasing mr charlie now - for sale (felix da housecat remix)

9.steve angello - single

10.veerus & maxie deevine - megatonic

Lot's of minimal elektro-dirty-house. In a very soft than the usual live performance of Steve Angello, but still the same nice soundz.
essencial tracks... "Teasing Mr Charlie", Luke's "Housetrap" and the cool "Megatonic".

Iammesol said...

He means as a single morango.

Have fun @ Ministry Steve! I wish I was in London right now :-P

Melissa said...

Hi Steve ^^

I hope that u had fun @ MOS!

I can't wait to see you & Sebastian friday night @ Paris for Paulette's Birthday!!! will be Huge!!!



MoRanGo said...
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MoRanGo said...

MoRanGo said...
Hi iammesol you're like god ;) u r everywhere i go ;) ehehehe

About the track, aah ok.

Hi Melissa... huuum seems that all the Axwell board's fans are also here ;)

Those DJs the Size Records team? O r is just you, Angello?

anthomusic said...

when i was talking about the "buy now (felix da housecat mix)", it was about a vynil or digital release to get the original mix.
I have the mixmag mix, but the track is mixed with other ones ...
thanks ;)

Bennie said...

Merry Christmas for all